Sales skills – Sales is not just about selling

Few sales skills to help you ace your next selling project

A salesman or a man who simply sells a product, a service or any other thing. Sounds so simple, right? And what if I tell you it can be considered as one of the most toughest tasks. A large number of people call themselves a salesperson but in reality doesn’t even know what a sales person is. Without those charming key sales skills to close a deal one could feel stressed and frustrated in this Type of jobs. We are going to discuss the solution for you in a short while. Just be patient!

A great Salesman is one who has the caliber to sell a pen to a man who doesn’t know how to write! And none of them are born with it, they gradually own it. 

How to improve sales skills

Even you are new into sales or struggling with it, you dont need to worry, With the right knowledge and practice, you can master these skills as well over time. Let’s discuss a few points which will help in this art of selling:

Wear your Smile

 This is the first thing which will connect you with your prospective customers. Whenever you are dealing with people, have a gentle smile on your lips. It might help you close the sale. Even if you don’t feel happy within, still smile! You might feel better soon.

Be helpful

 The first step of selling is to help people solving their problems. Ask them what kind of product/services they are looking for and give your best guidance possible. It will earn you trust and in a very short period of time, customers will come looking for your guidance whenever they need some products.

Practice empathy

 You can give your best service when you know what the customers’ are thinking and that is only possible when you put yourself in their situation and then think. Practise it, it will make you a better salesperson.

Know your products

 People will only trust you if they see you have adequate knowledge about your products. Don’t miss even the slightest detail upon which your customer may have some queries. Upgrade yourself daily about products you are dealing with.

Communicate first

 Sometimes your customer may not ask you, it would be your role approaching them and ask if you can be of any help. Convey your thoughts in the most easy and concise manner. Frame proper questions and help them in their shopping.

Listen with your heart

 You can never be a good sales person if you don’t develop your ears to listen. Speak less and listen more. Only by listening you will come to know the need or wants of your customers and the problem they are facing choosing a particular product.

Be disciplined

 Discipline is one of those traits, by which you can be recognized and sought for as a salesperson. Try to follow strict time schedule, maintain the dress code if any and ofcourse don’t forget your etiquettes.

Going extra mile

Help your customer in every way possible. Little things will speak a lot about you. For example, opening the door, helping them carry the product till the car or helping them billing fast etc will make a lot of difference, and will be another reason why they will visit the next time and ask for you!

Friendly attitude

 It’s always good to have a pleasing and friendly personality. Remember sales is a people profession and you need to develop the right charm to attract people towards you.

Don’t underestimate honesty

 There is a vast misconception that to sell you need to deceive. That’s not true at all. Rather it would ruin your career if you follow this path. Just for some extra commission don’t loose the trust of your loyal customer base. Once it’s gone, you cannot regain it easily. Being honest is a gift and you will get its rewards today or tomorrow. This article can throw some lights on your doubts: Can You Sell Without Lying?

Be energetic

 Don’t look morose or gloomy; none of your customers would be eager to have a salesman who doesn’t look happy. Start your day with brimming energy and very soon you will start closing deals.

Stay informative

If possible try to gather more information about your customers who you are going to talk with. This would leave an extra impression on them and you never know you may soon close the deal.

Ask effective question

 Develop your mind to ask appropriate questions in a given situation. Try to find out their problem by asking 2-3 questions. Avoid asking personal question by all means.

Be attentive

When you are helping a customer, give your full attention to them. Don’t get distracted by other things and don’t call or reply to messages until its absolute necessary.

Read books

Try to learn from the experience of other salesman across the world. It would help you on your own journey. You never know where and when you will utilize the one line you read from that book of the sales journey of a distinct salesperson.

Socialize more

The more you mingle, the better you become at understanding people. Also, you grow your contact lists which might be extremely helpful in this people oriented career. People usually recommend salesperson to their circle if they had got good service and you might get some extra leads from them just by socializing.

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This is just an overview to help you get better at your first take. Otherwise Sales, is altogether a subject which will cost you a year or two to help you properly understand it. Many successful salesperson has written so much about it that I would say you can learn about it all your life.

Sales is a beautiful balance of art and science and very few people comprehend the power of it. So the next time you meet a salesperson at work, doing a fabulous job appreciate his/her efforts.

And until the next time let us know how many deals you closed with your incredible sales skills and abilities. See you soon!

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