Let’s play and earn? – Career in Video gaming

Video gaming as a career prospect

I am sure all of us have played that one game snake in our father’s cellphones at least once and ‘Oh, how much we loved it!’ Also we can’t deny the fever of the Super Mario or Pacman, ‘They were just so much fun!’ From snake to Mario, we definitely have come a long-long way in video-gaming. And no one is saved with this addiction of video games, right from teenagers to adults, everyone is playing something, somewhere or the other.

And If you are one of them who can’t help but spend hours on the screen chasing the cars or hunting the victims – there is something I have to tell which might be the *best* news you have heard so far. You can now go tell your parents’ that Video games can earn you a lot more than a lot of educational based industries. Video gaming is a million dollar industry today and you very well can be a millionaire too!

Let’s see what your dream job has in store for you. Here are some of the top positions in the world of temple run and candy crush:

Game Designers:

You do exactly what the name says, you design the game – so if you ever had something which you thought of ‘This would be my dream game.’ It’s time you put life into it. Your job is basically to represent a story line and the design and explain it well to the developers – because they are going to give it existence. Since it is the most sought for job in this industry, you might face a tough competition in it. So quickly assemble your creative team and get going. You might as well need some education or guidance which will be ultimately reimbursed by the hefty salary you will earn at the job!

Programmer or Developer:

This is all about the complex coding and the intricate softwares that IT people do. You have to have a proper knowledge of all the languages that the computers understand and all the necessary codes to develop a game. You will be working with the designers and so you must be able to comprehend their vision properly to imbibe life into it. So if you think programmer is your thing, apply for a course of application or software developer, today! Ai, or artificial intelligence is adapted to a great extent for developing the modern video games and that altogether is a different career option which we have covered for you. Check out ‘Career in Artificial Intelligence.’

Game Animator:

Every game has characters’ or things that move as we instruct them too. The more realistic it is, the more attractive the game is to people. An animator does exactly that – helps things animate with its technical knowledge. To pursue a career in this arena, you should have a detailed knowledge in software like MAYA or 3D Max – you can learn them by applying to course study that offer a study in VFX or 3D animation.

Game Writer:

Every game needs a script and over the years the development of video gaming have made the job of writer more complex and highly demanding, but don’t worry you are going to be paid equally well for all the sleepless nights. Your script will be entirely dependent on the game – it might be thousand pages long or may involve some few repetitive dialogues. So if you are more on the writing side, and have never ending love for vude games – this is your pick!

Audio Engineer:

Imagine you are playing Temple Run without the sound of running or without the roar of the gorilla that runs behind you – would it half the fun? No, right! Well that’s the influence of an audio engineer in the world of video gaming industry. You will make music, sound effects, voice overs and everything ‘audibly’ necessary to make your game exciting. So all the best, rockstars!

Professional Gamer:

The world of Video-gaming took a wild turn since the time competitive video games help you earn real cash.  So if you think there’s no one like you who can play video games, go for it. Undoubtedly it can fetch you hundreds of dollars through sponsored tournaments. So the next time your mom says switch of the video game – tell her, Mom I am earning cash here! 😉

Game Producer:

Well, you have one of the most important tasks as a producer – that is to promote the game. No denying, that there will be a lot of budgets and time deadlines but what will be a game if there are no gamer to play them? Just like you enjoy video games, there must be so many others who would love it too, so your job is to make you game visible to all of them. The task can be really demanding at times and require a lot of meetings and pushing-the-knack.

Game Tester or QA Testers:

QA Tester or Quality assurance testers, I know you are already excited that you will be getting to do that you enjoy the most. Just play! But no, this isn’t exactly playing, it’s more like playing every step for like 100 times over to assure if there is any glitch, take down the notes and then go to the next step to repeat the entire process all over again. Extraordinary analytical skills and patience is very important to be a successful Video-game Tester.

Game Journalist:

The journalist combines the right skills of playing and writing. They evaluate a game when it hits the market and let people know how good or bad it is. There are many bloggers as well who write reviews on video games and earn from blogging.

These are the most popular choices that we talked about. The opportunities are never ending when you have unending passion and dedication. The international video-gaming market is exploding but the Indian market is matching up the pace at a wild rate too. It was just a 4 Billion rupees industry in 2008 and today it’s worth more than 40 billions! What a jump, video gamers!

Let’s discuss Salary and numbers:

Salary for every job role of video-gamers highly varies, depending upon the skills, experience, education and ofcourse the location. For example, In India, a game designer can earn 5 Lacs at entry level and can go upto 30 Lacs with experience. On the other hand in the international companies, their salary ranges from 30 Lacs to 80 lacs annually.

The median salary of gaming engineers or gaming programmers is $64,453 as measured by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that ranges from $39,732 to $90,604.  While in India, the median salary is Rs 495,969 per year that ranges from Rs 163,087 to Rs 1,122,421.

Well, that’s it for this time. We promise to discuss every career option mentioned above individually so that we can help you find your best pick but for now I have to say a goodbye.

But until the next time we meet, keep playing. Yes, just play and play because now it can fetch you living too. All the best, winners!

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