Experience and Money – Working Part Time

The rising prices and inflating cost of living has led to the birth of numerous ways to earn and thrive. From aspiring students to constrained home-makers, everyone is in constant search for jobs with less working hours and fair pay. Also, the initiative from the industries to hire freelancers has welcomed the opportunities to ‘work from home’ in many endeavoring professions’. So we can say Working Part Time is becoming the new Full-Time.

Extra income in less hours

By apportioning some hours from the monotonous daily routine delivers some extra fund to fulfill some luxurious needs – not to forget the added experience and knowledge while on the service. Who wouldn’t like to explore themselves and find an appropriate field to grasp onto these? Further, the wide availability of internet these days has made finding these jobs a lot easier, and above all to get to choose one’s own area of interest – what better?

Companies want you too

Companies are a lot more keen to clench onto this raw talent because of their thirst to learn. Not only the start-ups but also the MNCs’ have comprehended the importance of working  part time job opportunities and are greeting them with open arms.

So many to pick from

To run through the industries which offer part-time jobs, there are plenty – but choice makes all the difference. The adequate pick of industry complementing ones’ skills and interests will be the window of opportunity but a failure there will be a miserable waste of time and efforts.

The few of those bazillion part-time jobs which are budding the careers of many:

GRAPHIC DESIGNING – With the advancement of virtual identity, creative graphic designers are in huge demand. With flexible working hours and shifts, one can earn as high as INR 1000 per day.

CONTENT WRITING – The college students are grabbing as many as they can to earn from an extra page of quality writing. Committing around 2 – 4 hours per day can fetch around INR 250 – INR 1200 per article. Though, it is completely variable on quality, quantity, and speed.

CALL CENTER EXECUTIVE – Excellent Communication skills but shy for a face to face conversation? Call center executive is a go-to job! Many are earning as high as INR 25,000 per month with a mere engagement of 8 hours a day.

DATA ENTRY JOBS – IT industries need 1000’s of data to be filed each day which is why they look for fast flawless typists and pay relatively quite well for both online and offline data entry jobs.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – A few years ago, social media couldn’t be regarded as a source of income. But, today it is capable of fetching around INR 1000 per hour to experienced social media experts. We have covered it in details on Social Media Marketing

TUTORING – Teaching is one of the largest Part-time job industries because of its huge scope and innumerable options. Expertise in any field and a view to mentor others can yield one a desirable sum to earn a living.

PHOTOGRAPHY – The increasing need of capturing memories have enforced most of the industry-best photography studios to hire freelancers and take on board some fresh talent. The average pay scale of part-time photographers ranges from INR 50 – INR 500 per picture. Needless to mention, that it entirely depends on the quality and creativity.  We have covered it in details on Career in Photography 

PET CARE: This was all Animal-lovers were waiting for! Earning Cash by pampering others’ pets’ in their absence is like a dream come true for all the pet lovers. It has gained wide popularity in the recent days where every family has a pet but none has the time to take care of it.

EVENT PLANNING – People are finding every other reason to celebrate and thus recently event management industry has developed a myriad growth. Companies are hiring free lancers and appointing trainees on Project basis. It has a lot in store – right from volunteering to conceptualizing – one gets paid for every task depending on the quality. You can check more on – Event management

Here are some others part time opportunities:

App development




Make Up artist

Music Composition,


Reasons to work part time

Lets learn why you should focus on working part time. You may not know all the advantages that we are going discuss here.

A great opportunity for Students

Earning an income, however small the amount is, not only boosts the self-confidence but also imbibes a sense of spending it wisely. Part-Time jobs work wonders for students, allowing them to gain some work experience while they are still learning.  

The employment acts as an asset in the freshers’ resume as employers always look for industry-ready material. It also grants them an edge over other colleagues, as they are already aware of the industry norms and other professional approach.

Feasibility & convenience

Having a full-time job might often be a horrifying task for people with a wrapped schedule. In such cases, part-time jobs give such individuals the opportunity to work at their own feasibility and convenience getting fairly paid for it. However, It may not fetch as much funds as full-time jobs do, it definitely provides some  job satisfaction and work life balance.

Part-time is for every-damn-person

So whether you are a student or a new-born parent or there is any other reason which is restraining you from working part-time, relax you can still earn yourself a decent amount of money.  Work on your skills and find a shelter in any of these houses (there are so many more) – they are going to welcome you with open hands and heart.

So until the next time we meet, let’s earn and have some fun too. Study and earn a little extra pocket money too. Take care of the children, and still earn working part time. If you want any help, drop in your questions in the comments below and we will be glad to be a part of your success story! Meet you soon.

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