Youtuber? – Is that even a career choice?

Journey towards that Celebrity Status

According to a report, three fourths of the young crowd wants to be an online star when they grow up! But we can’t blame them, can we? In a world where digitalization has made everything a profession, how can it itself not have opportunities?

How many of you don’t watch YouTube videos? (I can guarantee, not even one can say a No.) After its launch in  2005, YouTube isn’t just a place where people upload videos and watch it for fun, it has turned into a full-fledged work-place where millions earn billions and billions learn zillions.

From dance to cooking tutorials, to gadget reviews to everything that can make legit content – is on YouTube! And the best part about it that it’s no dick and harry to be a YouTube star, you ofcourse need to have a fabulous content-generation- idea which can help you stand above the million others and enough passion to continue providing entertaining subject even on days when you don’t have enough motivation.

If you have both of these in abundance then read on to find out how you can make a living out of it:

YouTube with a population of around 1.5 million active users daily was successful in generating $54m among the top 13 YouTubers in the year 2015. With an audience base so high, it is certain to provide you a full proof action based career plan. But since YouTuber is just a bud which has started blooming in last 2-3 years, it has his own set of ups and downs.

Let me help you with certain points to guide you in your lows and direct you in your highs:

Master the art of SEO: You are working on a digital world, so you have to understand every nook and crook of how this industry works – SEO or search Engine Optimization as the name says, is the engine, through the support of which the entire system operates. So you cannot afford not being a master at it. (We have already covered an article on a SEO Consultant, I hope it will help you through this path.)

Another important aspect of SEO is keywords, your content will be segregated by YouTube with the kind of keywords you use, so research you keywords (of your genre) well and then build content around it.

Devise a Marketing Strategy: Your unique and fresh content will help you reach halfway; the other half will be made by your marketing strategies. So mark your audience, define your short-term or long term-goals and scrutinize the marketing options you have. After creating your video, contemplate on how to reach your audience and engage them.

Build Social Media presence:  Social Media is an effective tool which you must definitely utilize (Read our article, Social Media marketing, it is sure to give you some tips here). You can consider featuring videos by YouTube; it costs, but gives you decent exposure in a very short span of time. To give your channel a boost, you can crack deals with some established YouTubers, it can help you grab a lot of subscribers.

It can be a Full time Job: If you are of a mind-set that, you will run a channel and upload videos in your free-time while you consider a full-time option elsewhere. Then, my dear let me tell you, if you wish to earn money out of it, there is no part time over-here. You have to keep you following your consistency to keep your audience engaged with enough content.

“I put up a couple of videos in 2011 to help children overcome exam fear. Slowly I got requests and ideas for more, and started doing more of these, until in 2014 it became so hectic that I decided to quit my job.” – says Roshni Mukherjee, who runs a channel under the name ExamFear. (While if you wish to run a channel as a hobby, you can always do it in your part-time. To find out more options for part time, check our article ‘Part-Time Jobs’)

Be Patient: It’s a long way: You can’t just expect to have 1 million subscribers in a fortnight – but every night you will take a step towards it, so don’t give up on the way. And since the revenue entirely depends on the number of subscribers you have or the number of views you bag, earnings might get delayed too.

Listen Carefully: Your competition says a lot: The glamour adhered to this fledging genus has made it immensely popular among today’s youth, hence you will find a lot of crowd – it might be the ones who I-just- do-it- for-time- pass or the ones I-earn-millions-out- of-it! But never ever try and copy either of them, you will be recognized only for your exclusive content. But you surely can adapt their positives and learn from their negatives.

What it takes to become a successful Youtuber

Well, if you think a super costly camera and a posh studio settings would fetch you subscribers and success then you need to think twice whether this career is your cup of tea. It’s all about your content, your capability to transform your thoughts to words and the extra value that you can provide the viewers. Though you will need to have a decent camera so that people can see you and a good quality mic through which you can record your voice clearly. Let your ideas be your capital and hard work, your daily investment.

How to stand out:

  • Research, research, research
  • Build solid content
  • Be energetic
  • Put your leg in audience`s shoe
  • Dont use jargons
  • Keep your video precise
  • Add some sense of humor
  • Communicate in proper flow
  • Maintain eye contact with the camera lens
  • Most importantly, enjoy your work

Remuneration: Since the revenues arise from the advertisements you get to place in your videos, it has no certain range or proper course. The more the subscribers, the more the ads and more will be the revenue. Reports say that companies keep a huge amount of budget for YouTube ads, almost $500 billion annually!

While a major portion of it is retained by YouTube, some YouTubers still manage to earn an eight figure salary yearly. YouTube comic, PewDiePie for example earned $12 million last year! Well that’s what you call success – right? Well, keep trying I am sure it will come to you too.

A Little caution: Don’t loose heart if you don’t grab on subscribers. This is a huge world with so many unconventional opportunities, you are sure to win in one of them!

For Now it’s time to wind up on this one too, I hope until the next time we meet you all are creating content and building ‘YouTube’ empires. So to all the nascent YouTubers, you all are doing great and you will soon achieve the colossal of 1 million. (We will soon meet you on Youtube too )

(Article contributed by Surabhi Kedia)

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