Your Time is Gold – How to work more in less time.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

You can work at some MNC, being the most influential person there and still be unproductive or have low productivity rates. This is one of the major problems of the digital age – you tend to get distracted very easily with lesser important tasks ultimately leading to low productivity rates.

What is productivity?

After a time, how much time you give to your work isn’t a question anymore, it is more of how much effective time you give to your work? But wait; first, tell me what according to you is productivity? Ticking off tasks from your to-do lists, or working overtime with almost ten cups of caffeine?

A day only has 24 hours

Well then, you have a great misconception. (No, you don’t need to worry, a lot of them has.) A simple statement which can define productivity at its best is ‘Earn More in Less Time.’ How do you think Mr. Bill Gates or Elon Musk can do so much in a day which for all of us have the same number of hours (i.e. 24 hours!)

So let’s discover the secret behind it, and help people ‘work better at work’:

  • Start early: We may reap multiple benefits if we can start our day early in the morning. This old school rule still stands tall when it comes to productivity. In the morning the energy level is high, and you have more hours to work on yourself. If we rise with the sun, our days would be a lot brighter!
  • Manage your stress: This is one of the main reason we cannot harness our optimum productivity level even after putting our best effort. You can try meditation or mindfulness practice to bring your awareness at the present moment. Yoga is another great practice to keep stress under control. Running or doing free hand exercises would do the job too!
  • Communicate more: Communication is the best key to everything, It equips us with more information we might need to finish a job or clears all the misconceptions we carry in our minds. Don’t hesitate or feel shy if you need a helping hand. Discuss with your co-workers or employee if you are not sure about something.
  • Don’t do multitasking: While multi-tasking is considered to be real talent at work, there were dozens of research which showed productivity is reduced by a significant amount when you switch your task intermittently. Rather, focus on one task at your hand, giving your full attention and time. Don’t respond to other tasks. Don’t answer unnecessary calls or reply to useless texts until you finish.
  • Prioritize your work: We all know it’s easier said than done but prioritizing your daily tasks would extract more productivity. Make a rough to do list. You can write on paper, paste sticky notes or can use any software/app. Narrow down your to-do list every night focusing on to most important task to be executed. This practice would leave you with reasonable satisfaction and you will be able to measure how far you have reached on your productivity scale.
  • Invest in yourself: No matter how busy you are and how important job you hold, you must invest some time on your self-improvement. Read a book, enroll yourself into a course or hone a new skill. We need to keep learning to become our best version. Complacency would not take us anywhere.
  • Eat healthy: It’s said we are what we eat. It does make sense. Avoid junk or processed food. You know what junk means, right? Discard excess sugar from your diet. It drains our energy level. Limit your Tea or coffee as well. If you are a smoker, it’s time to quit.
  • Have enough sleep: There are many studies which link our sleeping habit with our productivity. Try to have at least 6 hours sleep. We should go to bed at the same time every day. It helps to maintain a good sleeping pattern. And when you wake up, you have all the energy to fight through the day.
  • No distraction: All the gadgets out there are mostly distracting us from doing what is truly important. When you are working, don’t fidget with different apps on your smartphones, don’t keep other websites open that might disturb your attention or don’t get dragged by anything which might hinder your quality of work. It’s difficult to do but once you maintain this habit, invariably your productivity will skyrocket.
  • Take break and stretch: It’s important that you take a break after every 45 minutes while working. You can just stretch yourself, giving a few push-ups or have a brisk walk outside for a couple of minutes. But don’t just sit in the same place for hours. The environment will become monotonous for you and you will end up working with a very slow pace than what you used to work.
  • Have some comic relief: A little laugh doesn’t harm anyone. So don’t forget to smile and make people laugh at silly things. Having a good sense of humor at work makes you more productive than being serious or grumpy.
  • Play music: Recent study showed music could have a positive impact on your mood and behavior. But, it should be instrumental music in mild volume without lyrics, since lyrics would distract you. So play your favorite track and keep working!
  • Take notes: Taking notes can significantly increase your productivity. Once you absorb this habit of noting down things which need to be remembered, you will be way ahead than others. All you need, a pen and paper(ideally notebook). Your smartphone would do the work too with tons of free apps available.

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I know what you are thinking, ‘Can these measures which are so simple (mostly silly :P) really work?’ To find an answer to that, you have to adopt it first. And don’t forget to tell us whether or not it worked for you. We would love to hear it from you.

So until the next time, DON’T work more, work smart!

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