Turning Ashes to Kingdoms – The power of Social media marketing

Social media – a virtual world where millions of people reside at different platforms (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so many more) for different purposes is lately ruling the mind of the youth. Like how many of you meet a person who is not on Facebook? Or is not on Instagram? Or is not on Twitter?

The hulking acceptance of social media globally has thus launched a massive number of golden opportunities for businesses to reach people and make the most out of it. Consequentially, an equal number of employment opportunities have risen for people out there looking for a fun-yet- interesting job!

Social Media marketing or SSM is a branch of digital marketing which deals with marketing your products on web based server which connects you to various social media platforms. It also involves creating attractive content, posting status and photo updates, uploading videos and similar other activities.

Education: Social media industry is a baby of not more than two – two and a half years old, so currently the education or experience requisites are neither clearly defined nor is a compulsion. So aspirants from all backgrounds can try their hands in this virtual-public- oriented field.

Though, having knowledge in the coursework of Mass communication arenas like Advertising, Media, PR or communication can greatly work in your favor. Also there are some institutes which provide certificate courses in digital marketing or social media marketing which would give you a detailed insight of your job.

Abhinav Sahai, a social media branding consultant and a pro-blogger guides you with his experience, says, “An analytical bent is very important. When we hire for our company, we look for people who understand social media as a tool, much more than just connecting with friends.” He also launched his own company Zapylacz, which is a one-stop digital marketing solution.

(source: https://www.careers360.com/news/4704-Social- Media-Marketing- How-to- use-social- media-websites- for-business)

Job-role: Social Media is a really strong medium to deliver your message to your customers. It is dynamic and hyperactive and proves to be one of the major sources of communication for many industries worth more than a million. The torrential influence of social media has made the job of a social-media specialist really acute and crucial.

Creating Convincing content is the most critical job of a Social media marketer. To compose a substance keeping in mind all the goals and ideologies and principles of the company is definitely not a cake walk.

Sandip Maiti, CEO of Experience Commerce, the Mumbai-based digital agency says, “It is important to understand the context in which the brand wishes to engage with its core audience. Some brands like to entertain, some like to seed conversation spaces while many prefer to take the utlitarian track. Social media is best used to build awareness and create buzz around new product launches.” – Pretty well explaining the importance of content in world of media.

(Source: https://www.careers360.com/news/4704-Social- Media-Marketing-How- to-use- social-media- websites-for- business)

‘Promotions, Monitoring and Feedback’ – these three words can sum up the province of a Social-media- marketer. You have to critically plan the content to promote your client to their probable customer group, monitor the presence of your client on every social media platform available and accumulate both positive and negative feedbacks. In a nutshell you are the off-camera speaker and listener of your client.

Employment-Opportunities: The operation of social media is so large scale that a brand which is not available on Instagram or Facebook, just doesn’t exist for us. We want to follow them and see notifications from them. While there are also so many brands that only operate on social media – social media presence has become a necessity for all the businesses whether large scale or short scale.

As a result of this, the need for social media specialists is rising daily and has raised the curtains to so many new ways: Social – Media Marketing Manager, Mareting executive, marketing analyst, marketing co ordinator, Marketing Copywriter, Marketing associate, Content Manager, Events Manager and the list goes on. (I will discuss these prospects in details in our future articles)

Salary: It starts from 2 lakh per annum for the beginners. It rises vigorously as you gain experience through the years and no sooner you will find yourself earning somewhere between Rs 8 lakh to Rs 12 lakhs a year!

The salary might differ based on geographical locations, experience and competition. According to Indeed.com a social media strategist in New York City could expect a salary from $55,000 to $103,000 in 2011, while a similar position in Phoenix, Arizona could earn from $36,000 to $68,000.

Pro-Tip: Like every other filed, Social media also has a few professional groups like Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, eMarketing Association, Digital marketing Association et cetera, which make plenty of attempts to help you achieve more, plan events, workshops and seminars to keep the learning-child in you alive. So to not miss on these, become a member of these organizations.

Now it’s time for me to go to come back with another new article with another rare-but- flourishing career choice. Till then, Update on Facebook, repost on Instagram, reply to comments and empower businesses!

(Article contributed by Surabhi Kedia)

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