Jewellery designing and ornaments

Transforming metals to ornaments – Jewellery designing

‘I have enough jewellery’ – said no woman ever!

Jewellery designing, if explained in one line it will be, ‘creative skills of the artisans combined with the charm of precious stones and metals.’ If on a very significant party you don’t have that one glamorous dress, Jewellery has the power to still make you the most-glowing persona present there!

Your jewellery speaks so much

It’s stunning how Jewellery communicates so many different feelings and how a little piece of art can hold so many memories, messages and emotions. For you, a solitaire ring can express the love of your spouse on your engagement. For others it can speak tradition when given by your mother-in-law.

You wear, what you are

For years, it has served the purpose of defining someone’s status or labeling someone’s wealth. But today, Thank God it’s no more just about money, wealth or status. It’s primarily about fashion and appearance. Well it wasn’t a joke when people said ‘Jewellery takes people’s mind off your wrinkles.’

Jewellery Designing Traits

Let me help you outlining a few traits you will need to become a fabulous Jewellery designer:

  • Creativity, Creativity and creativity: If you don’t think of something what others don’t – think beyond the design industry. Because deigning is all about creation and that ‘something new.’
  • Fantastic Fashion sense: You should be well versed about the fashion industry and well aware of all the recent trends. Else you will end up being the most outdated Jewellery designer.
  • Exceptional sketching skills: Don’t forget, no matter how great you visualize it will all come down to how good you can execute it on paper and it will definitely need some wonderful sketching skills. So if you aren’t still great it, enroll yourself in drawing classes today!
  • Sound technical knowledge: You have to be extremely technical and calculative too. Because you are going to deal with some really precious gems and stones which can be worth more than a million sometimes.

Eligibility and education requirements

This profession, which carries the beauty of heritage and tradition throughout the world, has evolved remarkably. Earlier it was only reserved for a certain part of the society. But today institutes have begun imparting professional education in this charming industry.

Short-term or long-term?

Institutes all over the world provide both long term and short term courses in jewellery designing. Diploma courses which are a yearlong requires a minimum eligibility criteria of a graduate irrespective of the field. The 3-year long degree course (Bachelor’s in Design or BDes) calls for at least a qualification of 10+2. It should be totally your choice and your decision whether you want to go for diploma certifications or a full time degree course.

Jewellery Designing Study

The coursework of the design schools include everything right from stone cutting, molding, engraving, polishing, and quality testing to everything else that a jewel-creator needs.  They have also included computer aided designing in their syllabus to help you give your customer greater satisfaction.

Internship is your answer to Work-experience

In this industry, your experience holds a lot more weight than your degrees. Internship is a great idea to gain experience while you are studying. It will train you in every aspect, providing you a platform where you can learn while you are working. So start looking for the leading jewellery designing firms today!

Pro Tip: Make a Portfolio of your own. It should carry all your work and shows a considerable improvement in your designs. It might include sketches or photographs of the end products. Portfolios are a great way to showcase your designs to the employers and engrave your mark in their minds. A website or a CD consisting of all your work would serve the purpose too.

Employment Opportunities

A jewellery designer puts his heart and soul and days of hard work to transform a piece of diamond to a gorgeous pendant. which you endorse on your neck with so much pride – it definitely is not a cake walk. Let’s learn about some names that you can earn as a jewellery designer and can charm the world with your skills:

  • Designer or Artist: This is basically the general idea of Jewellery designer, where you are expected to ideate new designs and range of jewellery for the firm you are working for. Every leading jewellery company hires a number of them every year. So look for the job opportunities or better, consider dropping your portfolios to a few of them!
  • Repair Person: No, no don’t be offended with the name. People have begun their career with this and have now reached the skies, and most importantly a significant part of most of the jewellery shops is the repair section. In Fact for some, there is a different sector altogether for repairing jewellery with skillful repair artists.
  • Fashion Jeweller: Well, well, well, I know you are already fascinated with the thought of working for Emma Watson or Deepika Padukone! But hold on, reaching here will take a couple of years and a lot of late night calling. But the fashion industry is going to pay you really well for all the hard work you have invested.
  • Manufacturer: So this is more towards self-employment, who runs a small production unit and manufactures his own line of jewellery designing. My suggestion is that you should atleast have a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience before you decide to have a manufacturing unit of your own. Certainly it needs a relative amount of investment and as much skill to sell your brand!
A little advice 

If you want to start work of your own and wish to sell your own designs, make a lot of CONTACTS. Attend your industry centric meetings, award functions, trade fairs and exhibitions. Develop your social media presence where people can see your attractive designs. In this way you will build a network and will ultimately grab on customers.

Apart from these, there are so many specializations in jewellery amongst which you can choose and carve a niche of your own. The best that jewellery designing offers you is self-employment, freelancing and working part-time. And how can we forget the developing virtual world of online sales as well.

Salary and Remuneration

Jewellery Designing has a convincing future ahead, and has a great scope both in India and Abroad. As I mention, in all my articles with all other unconventional careers, that rewards totally depend on your skills, experience and qualification.

A beginner can expect somewhere near Rs 7000 – Rs 8000 a month. With experience it can rise upto Rs 18000 – RS 20,000 a month. While, the eminent names has been drawing upto one lakh per month so just keep giving your best.

In US Dollars

While in US Dollar, as measured on May 2015 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary of the jewellery designing industry was about $37,060. But at the same time it projects a decrease of 11 percent until 2022 in the need for jewelers and metal workers. (I know it’s a sad news but let’s not forget how hard work can do wonders. Just work on making your designs the best, and you will soon see long queue waiting for your Jewellery)

So that was all about this ‘precious’ industry and before I bid goodbye, I would convey my heartfelt gratitude to all the readers. And until the next time we meet, keep transforming stones and metals into beautiful ornaments. We will keep on thanking you for making us look stunning in all the parties and for all the wonderful comments we receive for our jewels. *shy smiles*

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