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Advertising not just products but dreams!

‘Amul.. doodh.. peeta hai India..’ How many of you remember this amazing jingle from our childhood? Or the historical ‘Nirma, Washing powder Nirma..!’ – I don’t think there’s anyone out there who would take a stand to ‘NO.’ Well, that is the effect of a good advertisement – you remember not only the product but the exact same lines from the advertisement even after years when they have already started using different taglines.

What is advertising?

Advertising is anything that persuades your customers to buy your products or services and is one of the most influential sectors of the business. It’s often said, that ‘if you are not advertising, you might not be existing.’ And how true is that, how many brands do you actually remember who don’t advertise? Hardly, one or two. Rest, every other has made its mark in some or the other form – right from the paste you use to the clothes you wear.

A career choice

The fact that Advertising is only for the big ones has proven to be a complete myth, off late. Every business irrespective of the scale of operation has appreciated the multitude advantages of advertising and is greatly responding to it. Resultantly, it has been sheltering many career opportunities under its mighty roof. So let’s explore what this industry has in store for you.

First and foremost, let me tell you what are the career opportunities available for you so that before beginning you atleast know which direction to go. Advertising is widely divided into two sectors – Creative and Executive:

  • Creative: When you think of an ad, you think of the creativity, text, pictures, logo and the thought behind it which made it so memorable. Well, that is all the job of the creative department – they are responsible to create and execute an advertisement which is so appealing to the eyes that whenever the consumers think of the product all they can recall is that amazing ad they once saw. The different job roles under this sector include – Copywriters, artists, graphic designers, scriptwriters, photographers and visualizers. If you are more onto the unique-thinking side, this is your arena.
  • Executive: Now you might ask me, if everything is to be done by the creative department, what is the executive department for? Well, it is equally important as the creative sector and does everything what it needs to be done to make a client or retain one. The different departments under this head are client servicing, media buying, market research, Account executive and all the others which do not belong to the creative department.

Desired skill set in Advertising

  • It goes without saying, that if you are heading to the creative department – you can’t survive without creativity!
  • You got to be a Team man. Advertising is a team work so unless you know how crucial it is to work in a team, you have to look for something else.
  • Any form of marketing demands a people person. You have to be attractive and influential with your words and personality.
  • It is going to be all about deadlines and working till the last minute, so make sure you have innate talent of handling pressure.
  • Let me be extremely clear to you about this, criticisms are going to be there and you just have to deal with it – so be prepared.

While these are the ones without which you can’t imagine a lie in advertising, some of the others include Patience to climb the ladder of success without falling, problem solving techniques to turn the foil into an advantage and of course, there is no replacement to passion. The eminent personalities like Prahlad Kakkar, whose devotion to
advertising is unmatchable also started from the scratch and turned out to be the best in the industry.

 Educational Requirements 

Advertising is all about creativity and communication, so until you have that, the right course can do wonders for you. Here’s a basic guideline on how you can find your way in advertising –

  • Complete your basic education: Your education field until 10+2 will not matter because advertising doesn’t belong to specific background. SO be it science, Commerce or Arts, you can ace in advertising from any of them.
  • Earn a bachelor’s program in a related field: If you are already sure about Advertising, why not pursue a bachelor’s program in the related field only? Like Mass communication, marketing, journalism or likewise. Remember, advertising is for everyone till the time you have it in you.
  • Choose your specialization and apply for post-graduation: Once you graduate you should be clear about you choices and the specialization you wish to make. Whether it is the creative team you wish to work for or the executive is your resort and accordingly decide your post graduate programme. Although there are many institutes that provide a post graduate degree or diploma in advertising teaching you the nitty-gritties of communication and strategies.
  • Apply for internships: Advertising is one of those industries will not be understood until you work for it. So make sure you don’t leave any opportunity to pursue an internship and complete it with sheer dedication. This is going to be a massive “A” in your CV.
  • Search for a job: Don’t expect too much at the beginning and get your hands on any entry level job you grab on! You will gradually find your way upwards like all of them do.

What am I going to get in return?

Advertising is highly dynamic with its numbers, where your skills, experience and job role is going to play a major role in deciding your pay. In US Dollars, full time copywriters who are freshers will earn somewhere around $60,000 yearly. While full time account executives can see upto $80,000 a year. But this is just the start, six figure salary won’t be far if you are irreplaceable at your work.

Now if you talk about India, where advertising has evolved drastically over the years and one of the most influential industries – a fresh graduate here, can expect a pay of RS 9000 to RS 15,000 a month. On the other hand an MBA, or post-grad’s beginning salary will be RS 20,000. Not more, but an experience of 2-3 years will land you to RS 30,000 a month and then the way is only towards the sky.

So we both know, where we are at – the time when I say you goodbye and come back with another unconventional career choice. And until the next time we meet, keep transforming the small companies to big names. You are doing a wonderful job!

See you soon

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