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building a virtual assistant career

Remote career options have a lot of benefits wrapped around it. You have a better work and life balance, time and money savings, and of course a positive environment to work on. In short, you have a happier work life. And with the advent of the internet, there are very limited jobs that strictly demand your presence! So here we are uncovering one of the most aggressively fledgling remote careers – Virtual Assistant Career or VA!

What jobs does a Virtual Assistant perform? 

To decide that, let’s first understand the term Virtual Assistant or Virtual Assistant meaning. In simple language, you work as an assistant for the organization (mostly from afar), helping your client with jobs relating to the virtual world. Pretty darn simple, right? Well, not really. You will be amazed to know what virtual assistant job role has to offer. Here are some quick pointers: 

  • Website design and maintenance.
  • Creating a calendar and managing schedules.
  • Arranging travel dates and plans.
  • Organize file and documents for your clients.
  • Monitor your clients’ email.
  • Customer support for your clients.
  • File accounts and bills.
  • Maintaining bookkeeping and records.
  • Discover new clients, customers and possible partnerships for your clients.
  • Looking after your client’s social media profile by regularly updating and maintaining them. 
  • Content and Keyword research.
  • Proofreading and Translation.
  • Crafting sales pages and generating leads.

And the list is practically endless.

Depending on the years of organization, it’s crazy what a VA can do for an organization. It is the most diverse human resource – right from nurturing leads, to social media management – a VA picks up different duties at different hours of need. Once you prove your credibility and skills, clients would not want to leave you for sure.

Now that you are totally aware of the duties you are expected to perform, let’s talk about the – 

Skills that make you a good VA

  • Since most of the duties are highly computer-oriented. Everyone looks for a virtual assistant who is good with his skills over the keyboard, and highly comfortable with it.
  • Your communication skills are your strength since it is a remote job – the organization should see you a reliable, reachable partner!
  • From the above list of virtual assistant job role, I am sure you must have sought the importance of time management and organizational skills in your career as a VA. 
  • Tech-savvy or at least aware of the recent technologies, like cloud communications, file sharing, password manager or similar others
  • Networking with people and maintaining a good relationship might fetch you more assignments. Let people know you are offering virtual assistant service and they may refer you some clients as well.

If you think you need a brush-up on some of these skills, don’t shy away to enroll yourself some online courses that align with these skills. Believe me, it will give you the desired edge over others!

Employee or Entrepreneur? – Types of Virtual Assistants

The best things about carving a future in a virtual assistant are that you have the leisure to choose whether you want to work as an employee or set up your own business providing the services in return of a commission, which is like an entrepreneur.

But like everything, each of these has its own boons and pains. If you decide to work as an entrepreneur, you decide your own rate, working hours, and operation process. But at the same time, you need to invest money upfront, and find clients, all by yourself. 

On the contrary, if you work as an employee, you won’t have flexibility in scheduling your rates or work hours. However, you also don’t have to take the pain of digging up clients and of course the job security that comes along with it. Also, you won’t have to bear self-employment taxes too. 

Compared to other startups, setting up a business of virtual assistant is slightly easy. Investments demanded are low, with considerably higher RoI.

But before, all of this, I am sure there’s one question that must be juggling in all of your head, and that is – 

What are the advantages of a Virtual Assistant Career?

  • Regular wages: Like any other job

Well, there’s a myth that virtual assistants don’t have work all-round the year. And if you believe in it too, it’s time to rise above that. If you are working under an organization, there will be regular work and there will be regular wages just like any other job. Apart from that, there is security, you don’t need to worry about your bills since you are aware of your affordability. 

  • Flexibility: The time is yours

If you decide to work as a virtual assistant, since it is a remote job, the scheduling is totally on your shoulders. In simple words, it is on you to decide your lunchtime, your vacation time, your work-timings and everything else. So, if you are a digital nomad, have a special place in heart for traveling. Life as a virtual assistant gives you freedom of your own terms. There is a different joy in spending time with your loved ones, working in cool coffee houses, playing your favorite sports, and of course traveling and exploring new cities and places. We have a separate article on woking part-time you might want to read.

  • Extra hours: Utilize every minute

If you are in a regular 9 to 5 job, it asks you to report at a specific time and leave at a pre-defined hour. You need to get professionally dressed every time and commute to work on a daily basis. The travel hours, the extra hours when you are chilling at the workspace, all goes into waste. A virtual assistant career helps you to add value to this spare time since you work on your given work schedule. So, if in a day, he gets 5 hours to work and hit the laptop that is it for them. Also, you are employed to perform tasks and paid accordingly. What I mean to say is you are paid on completion of tasks rather than hours. So, if you have an extra hour once the allotted job is accomplished, its time to hit your favorite dance classes!

  • Job Satisfaction: You make a difference

If you have ever been said ‘You are invaluable and irreplaceable for this organization’ by your boss, you know what I am talking about. The amount of satisfaction you derive can’t be put to words. In a virtual assistant career, the tasks are so varied, it gets easier to find a workplace that at least appreciates one part of your job. If your current place is not, quit and move on. There are plenty of jobs out there looking for someone exactly like you. 

Virtual Assistant jobs

Now when everything is sorted and you are all set to jump straight in, I know what you are looking for – Virtual Assistant jobs. Don’t worry, when we said an ultimate guide, we meant it!

Flex jobs

Flex Jobs is an online portal that has over 5000 businesses and 10000 jobs enlisted at any time. It has a reputation of helping people find their perfect employer, which they have been looking for. There are plenty of virtual assistant jobs you may find here. Although you require a reasonable amount to pay a subscription, once the find your desired job, the investment is going to be worth it!


This site came to existence for the sole purpose of helping people out who worked remotely or basically online. Although not all jobs listed here are for virtual assistants, we are sure you will find your cup of tea. Just make an account and then start browsing. 


This is the most popular one among all and enlists around 31 million users. It is spread over 247 countries. This means you will get plenty of jobs you are looking for. 

There are plenty of more options and websites like; people per hour, facebook groups, and we work remotely serving you the same purpose. Read the pros and cons, select your best bet and get going! 

And, now we are back to the most-awaited question!

How much will you earn? – Virtual Assistant Salary per hour

For most people, this would decide their faith in this profession. Do not worry; it is a pretty decent amount. Your salary will largely vary on your skillset. If you possess the skills that are in-demand, for example, computer coding or graphic designing, your pay scale will have a major boost.

According to Flexjobs, The average salary range is $15,387 to $65,379 per year, with the median annual rate at $36,272. However, virtual assistant salary per hour ranges from $10.16 to $29.49, with a median hourly rate of about $16. 

While Payscale says, the average hourly income of a virtual assistant is Rs 500 with and annually it is around Rs 191,203 on an average. 

Now when it’s time to bid you goodbye, before I come back with another unconventional career choice – here’s wishing you all the best for your future!

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