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Review and unleash the reviewer within

We all form an opinion in our heads after a fabulous book or an overwhelming movie. But only a few can actually scribble it out on paper in the form that is productive to other prospective readers. And if you are one of those, let me tell you that, you are extremely talented and that this talent of yours deserves to be exposed and appreciated in review career.

Because most of the world now depends on the reviews, whether it’s about Amazon products or BMS ratings.. and we don’t want to be devoid of that. So, read on to find out how you can transform this talent into a career choice.

Who is a reviewer?

The Cambridge dictionary defines a reviewer as “someone who writes articles expressing an opinion about a book, play, movie, etc.”

Now, why should one choose reviewing as a career? There are quite a few numbers of benefits that makes it irresistible specially for the people who are capable of it. Some of them are-

  1. The first and foremost is, to achieve expertise in the field and hence expand your knowledge.
  2. Develop critical thinking skills essential for research.
  3. Stay up to the date with latest literature and have advanced access to research results.
  4. Your exposure increases, reputation improves.

After discussing in details who is a reviewer and the benefits, let us now look forward to what a review is in detail.

What is a review?

The Wikipedia defines a review as, “an evaluation of a publication service, or company such as a movie, video game, musical composition, book, a piece of hardware like care, etc.”

Now there are different opportunities in this charismatic career option like a book reviewer, gadget reviewer, movie reviewer, product reviewer, etc. Let’s understand each one of them in detail so that you can easily select your best fit.

Reviewer types infographics

Book review career

As the name suggests, it means the evaluation of books, periodicals or other types of works of literature. This is also called literary criticism. Sometimes it may just be a simple summary of the plot. It is done in the personal taste of the reviewer. It focuses on different aspects of the book, the plot, the expression, the tone and likewise. Well, Imagine the number of books you will get to read and paid for it! Already excited? Well, I am too. You can just start with a YouTube channel.

Music review career

This is about reviewing live musical performances of groups of people performing songs. The reviews of such sort are usually classified in two categories. One, the technical category and the other is the subjective category. The technical category consists of statements which indicate what is black and what is white. There is nothing in between. It means like whether a pianist is playing the right notes or not. But the subjective part involves statements based on personal taste only.

Movie review career

Evaluation of films in leading newspapers and magazines is basically termed as ‘Music review’. They have been existing since the start of the film industry. They are generally journalistic form of criticism rather than an academic form of criticism. But however it is, you get to watch movies of different genres, documentaries and what not!

Bought review career

In this form of reviewing, usually the creator of the product himself acts like a reviewer and reviews the product. There is always an element of personal biases involved but still they are more or less dependable.

Gadget Review career

As the name suggests, the Gadget reviewer is expected to write a detailed review of every gadget that’s been launched. Right from smartphones to headphones or Laptops to ‘anything that talks tech – your audience will expect you to give them some insider information. So if you are a tech freak gifted with the extraordinary talent of scrutinizing things – Gadget Reviewer is your pick!

We all analyze in daily life!

You might at least have one incident where your friend called up and asked you to go through his/her research project to lend a quick review. Haven’t you? Well, that is exactly what is called ‘Peer review’. Peer review is the evaluation or criticism of work done by one or more than one people having the same competencies as others. It is important as it helps to find ways to improve performance maintain standards of work and if so, provide credibility.

Now, we all have come to know what is reviewing and what their basic job is. But if you want this to be your career, you certainly need to know more than just usual. So, here’s a sneak peak on what you will be expected to do as a reviewer

What do reviewers actually do?

  1. Ensuring, the rigorous standards of work by taking part in the process
  2. Fulfill a sense of obligation towards the society and their own area of work
  3. Maintaining the integrity and the quality of journal by eliminating invalid research.

There are many other jobs and industries where they are in dire need of reviewers, all you have to do is put the glasses of a critic on, and search for them.

Before you lock the final decision, here are a few qualities that is often found in most of the reviewers, cross check if you have it in you too. And don’t panic if you don’t, you can always work on them and develop your own skill set.

1. One should have the ability to summarize complex data and information in writing as well as oral presentations

2. To identify and present key concepts efficiently and effectively.

3. The ability to speak, read, and write the language you are reviewing, usually English.

Since the birth of this internet-age, there are not just thousands, but millions of doors that opened for people in each industry. And “Reviewer” was no alien to this, hence rose the concept of ‘Online reviewer’ – Let’s understand what does this actually mean?

Review online

Online reviews are basically, online customer reviews in which he reviews the product he has bought or the service which he has availed. And here are few benefits that the world draws with you and for you.

  1. Social proof drives purchases
  2. It looks more trustworthy
  3. More visibility
  4. They expand conversations about you
  5. It is essential to decision making

The most important aspect that you look up to before deciding your career is whether it will sustain you, so, here are the numbers:

Salary of a reviewer

A reviewer’s salary is highly dependent on the company he works into, but statistically he gets paid $19.72 per hour of his work. And, the average pay for a Content Reviewer is $52,464 per year.

Well, that’s a decent amount for you to live a life and save some as well! 😛 But my advice to you is never go by money, but by passion. Let Passion be your sole motivator and see how money will follow you at every step.

So before I bid goodbye, keep adding value with your invaluable reviews. We all are relying on you, reviewers! All the best!

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