A Baker – The delicious Career choice

A model baker performing bakery

Baker spreads happiness always, in all ways!

That marvelous gooey and indulgent chocolate cake, on your birthday, the thought of which brought a huge smile on your face is an art in itself. Now think about the joy that baker had seeing you smiling.

It takes a lot of discussion before a Birthday, anniversary or any event to finalise the vital Cake. It is of utmost importance for it to be visually and tastefully amazing. The desserts like Tarts, brownies and multiple pastries is what keeps us stress free and full during the bad days.

After all, Stressed spelled backwards is desserts and a baked (not fried) snack always works to satisfy cravings!

But, have you ever thought about the art behind this process? Have you ever thought about the brilliance and beauty of a baking process? Have you ever thought about trying your hands in the kitchen for dessert making?

Yes! Yes and Yes!

Are you a good listener and interpreter? – Capable of understanding orders or interpreting client requirements that is.

Do you have the physical stamina and capability? – Ready for lifting and working with heavy and multiple ingredients at once.

Do you enjoy detailing and monitoring? – Have the patience to ensure good quality and beautification.

Yes! yes and Yes!.

In that case, a Career as a Baker is the ideal way to go.

Baker ? Baker.

They look after most Western desserts for various occasions and orders. Starting from simple sweet dishes like Chocolate cakes, pastures and brownies to themed cakes and pies. They also learn the art of making exquisite baked snacks like Cookies, Crisps and pretzels!

Well, anybody you can make and sell using an oven or any concentrated heat source, we have a Baker on the go!

What does a Baker essentially do?

  1. Know the recipe to start with, using various books or YouTube channels as a beginner.
  2. Procure the ingredients and check their quality (food safety is important!)
  3. Procure and prepare equipment for Baking (the basic list of which is provided below!)
  4. Measure the required ingredients for the recipe using measuring utensils and the recipe.
  5. Start the mixing and combining process of the already measured ingredients according to the recipe
  6. Use the oven involves setting temperatures and monitoring the dish inside
  7. Finish with grace while icing, topping or glazing and Tada!
  8. Finalise the selling price (mostly when a home baker) considering all costs of ingredients and effort.

Note: A career as Professional Baker can take you places in various hotels and restaurants. You can also work in the manufacturing units of various known brands to make quality doughs, breads etc for Mass consumption. A professional bakers works in places like a Grocery store, baking shop, Manufacturing unit and kitchens of eateries. They usually require professional certification and provide very basic salaries at the start. Because the goal is to gain experience and on-the-job training.

However, Home-Bakers are the new trend. With initial costs of equipment financed by past savings, one can set their own prices, standard quality and make dishes as per order. With customers wanting more personalised and fresh orders, Home bakers are winning all over.

Advantages of being a Baker

  1. Travelling – Employment in Hotels with multiple branches or constantly working in different places to gain experience can take you all over the world.
  2. Minimal education – A Baker can be a self-made individual. There isn’t any compulsion about getting a proper education course done especially if one has financial constraints. All you need to start with is a few recipes, practise and a knack for it. However, most places require a compulsory certification to portray experience and training.
  3. Consumer satisfaction – The joy of bringing that smile on a 6-year old kid when he has a slice of your ganache cake or when customers appreciate your product can never be replaced with any other feeling in the world.

Equipments’ to learn and use:

  1. Oven – The main and big heat source which works at the final necessary for the baking process to end with.
  2. Rolling pin – It is a cylindrical, usually wooden utensil used to roll and flatter doughs. It is used in any bread,tart and caking making process.
  3. Bakers’ peel – A shovel like tool, usually made out of wood is used to slide most baking goods inside and out of the oven. It has a long handle to ensure ease of holding.
  4. Flour scoops – Used for measuring flour and other powdery ingredients like sugar etc, available in various standard measuring size to make the job easy.
  5. Brushes – Mainly used to icing, glazing and toppings along with buttering and accurate measuring is a vital and small piece of equipment.
  6. Flour mills – Use to grain and sort various types of flour and mix them according to necessary measurements.

And the list is never ending..

Education Options for a professional Baker!

A) Institute of Hotel Management, established in New Delhi.

  1. Diploma in Bakery and Confectionary
  2. Craftsmanship course in Food production and Patisserie

B) International Institute of Culinary arts established in New Delhi

  1. Degree in culinary arts
  2. Advance diploma in culinary arts
  3. Diploma in Baking and Patisserie

C) WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA) in Manipal

  1. BA culinary arts

Suggested reading to begin with!

  1. Fearless Baker by Erin McDowell – Go back to the basics and most solid recipes to start with.
  2. Sister pie Cookbook by Lisa Ludwinski – Unique pie flavours, beautiful crust techniques and then cookie recipes too!
  3. Baking Bible by Mary berry – This books give you an easy guide to 250 must know baking recipes!
  4. The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum – This book is straightforward, clear and a good read for every beginner

Work Hazards to be aware of:

  • Bakers work with various big and warm equipments.
  • A start with one oven leads to establishment of big machinery and concentrated heat sources in place.
  • Extreme heat and risky equipments require caution.
  • They also lift heavy ingredients and equipments, sometimes leading to back and hand injuries.
  • Working with various flours, sugars and other materials sometimes even leads to Baker’s Asthma.
  • Hence, wearing gloves, aprons and aprons are necessary.

What the ‘Salary’ says?

As far as the revenue is concerned, the starting salary of Baker in India begins at Rs 20,000 a month and with time goes upto Rs 40,000. Of course needless to say that with passion and hardwork, sky is the limit! While in abroad, it begins at $1000 per month, however the average salary of a Baker recorded in US was $24,472.

And finally, we come to end of this delicious career choice. But until the next we meet, keep the world’s taste buds with your world class bakeries!

Happy Baking!

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