Tell me a story – Career as a storyteller

Oh Storyteller! tell me a story

‘Once upon a time there was a…’ so of course we are all acquainted to this statement, because who has not heard to the bed-time stories our Mom narrated us. While we all enjoy hearing stories, very few are gifted with the talent to create or narrate one.

We are extremely fortunate to live in an era where every hobby or passion can be transformed to a full-fledged job. Yes, you are thinking right, what I am telling you is that you can tell us all those stories which give us a round to a different world altogether and get paid for it.

Education for becoming a storyteller

There is no degree in the world which can make you a storyteller, either you are born with it or you have to work on it. Definitely there are a few skills that you should keep in mind while you are finding your way out to create the best story in the world:

First, you must be a momentous editor, you must know how to twist, edit or cut your story in a way that engages the audience.

Second, You should be an amazing Presenter. Remember, the most boring story in the world, if presented right can still attract the audience.

Third, Welcome response with wide arms and open heart. A good storyteller is result of tracking the responses right and accommodating them in the future shows.


Now when you have ticked off all the skills in your diary, Let me tell you a few ways to kick start your journey in this fascinating career of storytelling:

  • Volunteer: A creative career often needs some free showcase of your abilities in the initial phase, so look for all the opportunities where you can do that. In your college, or office parties, street shows or anywhere else where you spot a crowd wanting to have some fun!
  • Start your own event: If you don’t find enough opportunities to showcase your skill, creating your own event or club can be a great idea. Propose your idea to some local coffee shops or libraries, present your theme and if they bet on your event. Collaborate with them and go ahead!
  • Create your own Podcast: A podcast is basically a streaming audio interview that can be downloaded. You can record your own stories in various niches depending on your interests, and air it online. Over the time you will gain audience and then later on you can ask local businesses to advertise in your space and earn money out of it.
  • Create your own Youtube Channel: Youtube has the capability to make you the best famous storyteller overnight because of the huge viewership it carries with it. So build your own youtube channel, do some branding, upload the videos of your fascinating stories and carve your own niche. If you have it in you, you are sure to reach there, very very soon! 

Pro-Tip: There are also few world renowned forums that welcome storytellers with both arms. They not only promote inspirational stories but also provide you a platform with humongous auditors. Some of them are, JoshTalk and similar other. Apply on their portals with your best story and if you get through, what better?


Once you begin, hold on, you are not going to get famous overnight. Keep giving your best and success will follow you. Let me jot down a few points that you have to take care of while you are walking down this lane of storytelling:

  • Accurate Timing: Your punches or pauses, everything should be spot on. You can’t just crack a joke and afford your audience to not even smile. Do not speak too fast or too slow, maintain a balance, emphasize some words while keep some words flat-lined.
  • Engaging Body-Language: Your confidence is going to speak a lot, so make sure it’s just the right – neither more nor less. Keep your head up and eyes towards the audience. Ofcourse slight actions while you are telling the story will keep your audience with you. But remember to not overreact, because you are not an actor.
  • Keep the Job: Gaining success as a storyteller is not going to be easy, so I am going to advise you not to quit your job just after. Keep working on it, and on the sideline keep performing too. Once you believe that you can earn a living out of it, the whole world is your stage.
  • Build Web-Presence: In this world where digitalization has made everything so centralized, you got to create a strong web-presence. Make Facebook or Instagram pages, update your stories, boost them, guest post in some other websites and it is sure to fetch you readers. You could get many followers through your social media activities.
  • Be Professional: Just because you are a creative person isn’t an excuse for you to be unprofessional. Well draft your stories and practice well, before the actual show. Keep a track on the location where you are about to perform, research about the people who are going to attend your show and then create your story. Right professionalism is surely going to create some legit respect for you amongst your readers.

Career choices

Storytelling is at its budding stage and there is a lot to discover, which you are going to learn on the way. The most efficient careers that you can take up if storytelling is your ultimate passion are:

  1. Film-maker                    
  2. Advertising Industry (After All, all the ads that we see are the brainchild of some exceptional storytellers )  
  3. Stand-Up Comedian 
  4. Videographer/Cinematographer 
  5. Musician. (If of course you have interest in music too.)
  6. Religious Officiant

And similar others like Anchoring. However, anchoring is not story-telling exactly, it needs the same presentation skills like that of a storyteller.


Now if you are going to ask me, how much will you earn out of it? I am just going to say, you can’t weigh storytelling on the basis of money because it still doesn’t have an industry base to support it. But that doesn’t mean you don’t at all earn in this. You will earn but the number which you can flaunt will follow slowly and steadily.

According to Slash Coleman, who is a professional storyteller ‘income range for performance storytellers can be anywhere from a $25 gift card to Applebees to $50,000 with an elite group (those who sell merchandise, books, and television content) in a higher $100,000/year bracket.’


In India, however, this creative career is just at its emergence. So quoting any number would be wrong. Therefore to all the Indian story tellers all I am going to tell you is that ‘Keep telling them stories’ and the sky is your limit. No great men ever knew he is born for greatness. A story can change the world and so can you!

So until the next time we meet, keep creating and narrating. And don’t forget to drop in your success stories in the comments below because I am going to be your first guest in your next show.

See you soon!

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