Skype interview – The manual of success

Interview – The Skype way!

We are living in future using gadgets and technologies like never before. In employment arena, Skype interview is becoming very popular day by day as it helps employer and candidate to connect from any geographical location. Organizations prefer it for avoiding unnecessarily cost and time involvement.

While its easier to connect with anyone just sitting at our home, we should never take it for granted lacking sincerity and professionalism. Your first impression over Skype matters as much as it would in real life.

Lets learn some Skype etiquette which might help you crack your dream job:

Open your account: Lets start with opening your account. It takes just a few minutes to setup one. First, install Skype software on your computer. Then you need to choose a Skype name through which you will do all your future interaction.

Choose one which looks formal and have your name. Do not use funky names since it would also carry some weight while you connect with your interviewer.

After this step, upload a formal profile picture. It helps to get you identified easily by your contacts. Avoid using photos which are not in focus or you are not recognizable.

Proper Ambiance: Try to choose a quiet room with less distraction at your house. The room should be well lit and you may use multiple light sources for proper illumination. If you look dark or get obscured, it might leave some bad notion to your employer.

The ideal background should be a clean and clear wall. Avoid rusty books or photos at the back. It would be good if you check once how you are looking before making the Skype call.

You can keep your family members or room mate aware about the interview in advance so that they don`t call you or talk to you during the interview time. And not the least, the room should have uninterrupted network connectivity.

Get ready: Consider the skype call as an actual interview that can land you into your job. Many times candidates get rejected for not taking it seriously. Shave your beard, comb your hair and dress professionally before attending it.

Setting up your camera/screen: Its important to have the camera at your eye level. Also, when you are giving interview, maintain eye contact with the camera and not with screen.

When we look at the screen, our eyes actually point down, it might show you lack self confidence for not being able to maintain eye – contact in front of your employer.

It will take some time to get accustomed with this new platform. Be patient and learn how to use it professionally.

Run a trial: Before the “day”, you should keep a check on all devices i.e. your laptops, headset, camera etc on how they are working. Make a call to your family member or friends and take their feedback regarding audio and video quality.

Keep your phone close: Most of the time if the connection gets interrupted, the employer prefers calling you over phone. So keep your phone at your side, fully charged.

Good headset: Try using a good headset while using Skype. Don`t use external speakers for listening. It would create disturbing noise and echo.

Keep your CV and other documents with you: It might be helpful to have your documents with you. You should not constantly look at them while giving interview but it may help if you needed a quick information.

Take notes: If the employer is asking you to solve a question or giving you any information, You should take notes of them. You cant ask to repeat their questions multiple times.

Fetch a bottle of water: Some Skype interview continues for longer time. Have some water before the interview and keep a bottle closer. If you felt like having some water during the session, please ask permission and then have it. Dont drink tea or coffee. You have not become the boss yet 🙂

Don`t distract interviewer: Make sure the interviewer is engaged in conversation and don`t get distracted by any silly mistake. It could be shaking legs, touching hair or fidgeting fingers.

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We wish you all the best for your Skype interview and don`t forget to share your success stories with us. We will be waiting eagerly!

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