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Personal Shopper? Really?

Are you a fashion freak? Do you like to shop till you drop? If both the answers of these questions were a biiiiiiigg YES for you, then you have come to the right place because in the next few minutes all your dreams are going to turn into reality.

You can have a full-fledged profession around these hobbies of yours. Yes you heard it correct, you will be paid to shop the latest trends for someone. And the best part? You need not have a penny and you can still be the best personal shopper in town. I can’t wait to take you on this journey of fashion, but before that let me tell you –

What is a Personal Shopper?

A personal shopper basically provides his/her crazy knowledge about all the fashionable dresses in trend to all the coolest shows in town. They are like the fashion consultants to customers who want to enjoy enhanced shopping experience. So if you ought to be one, get ready with high end fashion expertise, because you will need abundance of it to make a mark in this extremely niche industry.

Educational requirements

Now when you know what exactly you are going to be, it’s time that we begin the journey and our first stop is educational requirements.This is the very beginning of this industry and there is no formal education that would break you into the world of personal shoppers.

However expertise or a degree in fashion would be of great help. So consider taking a bachelor degree from some fashion schools. Since the education doesn’t play a major role in this world, some skills are of great importance. Let me discuss them one by one.

Skills of Personal Shopper

  • You need to have some great communication skills, as that is the only way how you can get a job of personal shopper.
  • Passion and creation should be the two most important words of your life, if fashion is the industry you are peeking into.
  • Also, physical tolerance would be of great hep to you. Since you job will mostly be walking around the city for long hours looking for the best outfit for your customer.
  • If you are strict with your work timings, personal shopper is not your thing. Because since it is driven solely by individual customers it involves a lot of change in the working schedule, so flexibility is really important.
  • Your personality should be outgoing and attractive. Remember if you are dull and dark, you client won’t even believe that you can at all do the shopping for him/her.
  • Your selling techniques should be out-of-the-world. As the saying goes, a real sales person is the one who sells comb to a bald man!

Apart from these major ones which is an absolute necessity for you, you must also be trustworthy and have great bargaining skills and ofcourse dedication is there with everything.

Responsibilities of a personal shopper

Moving forward, our next stop is the responsibilities of a personal shopper. As explained above you basically have to shop for people who wish to change their styles or desire a great shopping experience. Let’s take a look at your daily tasks:

  • Following all the fashion trends and magazines and newspapers you lay your hands on.
  • Making and scheduling appointments with your clients and listening to all their needs and desires about the outfit.
  • Short-list stores and items according to their demands.
  • Bargain your best to buy the products at the best price possible.
  • Show some really good selling techniques to sell the outfit to the clients’
  • Maintaining a social media presence to create a brand name of your own.
  • Maintaining relationships with the existing clients by constantly updating them with your recent work.

So your normal day will basically revolve around these tasks. Mark them, read them or write them but before you head on learn them by heart so that you can never complain about your work!

Finding a Job

The stage where the industry of personal shopper is right now, makes job-finding a little difficult since the world hasn’t yet discovered the full-fledged need of them. But if you are working wholeheartedly there, you can always create a niche and earn millions. The movie of personal shopper is yet to begin in India. 

It might be difficult, but definitely worth the wait!

So as a personal shopper also finding your first job might be difficult but if you acquire the right experience and gain the right brand name, you are sure some clients very soon. Personal shoppers usually cater to one shopper at a time. It is an individualistic job based on high customer service. So consider lending your services to your family and friends free of cost. Develop some social media presence, print business cards, give your best and wait for your time to arrive.

Pro tip: Before you try your hands on your full-grown profession, my advice is that you gain some experience in some retails stores or work under the best personal shopper of your city. It will not only give you the real taste of the industry but also give you some valuable experience which will definitely keep you ahead than a lot of others.

Salary of personal shopper

Now we are heading towards the last destination of this fashionable journey, which talks about living and shows the real picture. Afterall, whatever we say, salary does matter a lot –

In Us dollars

As a fresher, your salary may not be much but enough to feed you decent all the three times. But as you increase your clientele down the line, the revenue will also keep rising. In US dollars, including commissions and bonuses the salary of a personal shopper ranges from $25,000 – $100,000 per year.

In India

However in India, the concept of a personal shopper is totally new but still if I have to quote a number. According to the 28 salaries submitted anonymously by personal shoppers to the average salary of a personal shopper in India is RS 2,68,810.

So, now when we have reached the ultimate destination of today’s endeavor. I have to bid you goodbye only to come back with another unconventional career. I hope I was able to convince the shopper-bugs in town to become a personal shopper and cater the world with exclusive shopping experience.

And until the next time we meet keep shopping and don’t forget to drop in your success stories in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

See you soon..

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