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Hey Mystery Shopper, Be ready!

We all need to shop. It might be for clothes, shoes, books, food, electronics and the list never ends. But there are people who do not really like shopping and do it because they need to do it. Then there are people who like doing it and enjoy the process. But then, there are people who just love doing it and cannot live without it. This is when you can choose “Mystery Shopper” as a job for yourself. 

Mystery Shopper as a Job

First thing you will have to understand is that is you will be an independent professional. But, nowadays there are agencies and companies which are called Mystery Shopping Agencies or Mystery Shopping Companies, which may hire you and you can work for them if you like it the other way around. 

Now, that we have understood who a mystery shopper is, we need to understand what mystery shopping is? Let us hop straight into that.

Mystery Shopping Meaning

In this profession, you get hired by individual contractors of various retails, malls, restaurants, brand outlets, and other service providers. That’s it. Then you need to go there and shop. No, it is not that simple though. The sole reason you get hired by them is that you need to go in as a normal customer and then file in your experience as one, based on various parameters, which we would further discuss in the article. But why do they do so? Simple, they want to measure the quality of customer experience and customer satisfaction. They want and ensure that their customers get the best of treatment and experience. 

So now you know why this profession is popularly also referred to as a “Secret Shopper.”

Before moving further on knowing more about mystery shoppers and mystery shopping, let us take some examples of parameters which you will have to check on if you choose to be a Mystery Shopper-

  • Are the customers being greeted well?
  • Is the waiting time acceptable and genuine?
  • Are the products on display sufficient or more than enough?
  • Whether the place’s temperature comforting for customers?

Going down further, let us now discuss the responsibilities and tasks you will have to follow and do in this profession:

  • Visiting various retail stores and outlets as instructed – this one is the most basic of all the others. This is what you have to do, and we believe you already knew this one. But you will have to take care of a few things. You will have to buy a specifically instructed product, or you could buy random products too. You need to keep taking notes secretly, for making the report. Also, remember, you are using their money, so don’t go over the budget. Always keep the receipts. 
  • But it cannot be that simple. There are a few more to-dos which you will have to follow. You need to keep interacting with the employees as a normal customer would. Ask about the products of the establishment you are visiting. Keep an eye on their behavior and try to remember their names. This would be useful for you while you will be making the report.
  • This would be the last of all responsibilities. Also, this is very important. You need to make a report or questionnaire after your visit. All mystery shoppers need to be careful with this part. Draft the report carefully, taking all details into considerations and submit the receipt of payment to with it. You may mail your employer on demand. This is when you will be paid.

Yes, that is so interesting and cool. And guess what- you will be paid for this job. Now since we have touched on the payment factor, let us discuss that in detail too.

Payment is an important part of every job and the scenario is no different in the case of Mystery Shoppers. How much will you be paid? How much could you expect? Are there any benefits? Are there perks? You will be an hourly or monthly basis? How and when will you be paid?  All these questions must be popping up in your head right now. Do not worry; we are here to clear them all out.

Mystery Shopper Salary

the interesting thing here is that the amount of money you will be making highly depends on various factors. Most mystery shoppers work part-time and therefore are paid hourly. It also depends on factors like which company you are working for. You could be working for a company which pays you on the basis of an assignment. So it does not matter how many hours you are putting in, you would be paid the same. There are and have been instances where mystery shoppers are paid on a monthly basis. These are the cases of mostly experienced mystery shoppers. So, by now, you must have understood that your payment highly depends on the mystery shopper’s relationship with his company or agency.

Now here is the important part- let us talk about the figures now. Hold tight, but do not worry, it is a pretty decent amount.

Experienced mystery shoppers, in today’s date, are making around $25 an hour. On the other hand, newly joined are earning around $8 an hour. So if you talk about the annual figures which people in this profession are making, experienced individuals, naturally making more, are earning $70,000 a year, whereas, the people new to this profession are making around $40,000 a year. 

Now, since we have discussed all the legitimate points, let us know more about what would happen if you decide to work as a mystery shopper in India-

Mystery Shopper Jobs in India

in India, mystery shopping jobs are mostly available in tier1 and tier2 cities. There are certain companies like Floorwalk and Marconix in India providing their audit services pan India. 

So with this, we would like to close for today. But before closing, a few tips. To be honest, do not look at Mystery Shopping as an income generator. Practically, it won’t be a wise choice. But what you can look at it is as a way for reducing your expenses or covering them for you. For example, there are people, working part-time as mystery shoppers and need to visit restaurants and movies for the sake.

In that way, they do not need to pay for availing these services they are using. In this way, you can cover your entertainment expenses every month. Yes, of course, you can join companies, like we have discussed above and worked as a professional there. It is completely your choice. But be careful while taking such decisions. Thank you. 

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