‘Oh, So you can read my mind!’ – Career in psychology

World of Psychology – Mind over everything

None of the psychology students would disagree how they get agitated by hearing the same statement again and again. And if you are also aspiring to become a psychologist then don’t be afraid of these comments falling your way every now and then.

In a room of 10 people, personality of two people might be similar but it’s never exactly same. Ever thought, why? Because the mental procedure for each individual works differently and if the mystery behind this variation excites you then Psychology can work wonders for you. One person can walk up to the stage and can deliver an incredible speech without a crinkle on his forehead, while for the other it is a nightmare to speak in a handful – Why? Psychologists find a considerate answer to this with in-depth study on human behavior.

A psychologist stands out in every sphere of life and creates its demand in almost every field. From career choices to judicial decisions, its need is felt in every step of an individuals’ being. Thus, it provides a wide range to specialize depending on one’s interests. There are many colleges across the world that provides degree education in psychology with specialization in various subjects.

Let me discuss a few of the branches of psychology which are successful in making lucrative careers:

Clinical Psychology: In the present day, technology is ruling the world and one of the repercussions of it is the rising psychological disorder in the major masses. Treatment of these ailments fall under this field of psychology. Depression, anxiety, grief, insomnia and disorders like these are being found in every 2 out of 3 people, which in turn has accelerated the demand for clinical psychologists at a mammoth rate.

Counseling Psychology: Counselors and Psychologists are often misappropriated to be alike. However, psychologists have a much larger work area than counselors. It’s always said that “counselors make great friends.” It’s because counselors are trained to listen patiently to all your problems which other people often fail to do. A counseling psychologist or counselor helps the clients to solve all the personal issues faced by them in daily life. They are employed in NGO’s, Drug Rehabilitation centers, Old Age homes, orphanage and other such institutions to bestow strength and harmony in the lives of their inmates.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology: O/I Psychologists (as they are called) are hired in the institutions to ensure stable mental health of the staff. They study the issues in the workplace at all the levels and suggest contemporary measures to increase productivity of the organization. Slowly, organizations are comprehending the importance of mental health and the need of a psychologist in the campus. This department in psychology is expected a massive future growth.

Educational Psychology: Psychologists specializing in educational category study the learning process of the mind and help the children having difficulties to study in their educational years. Also, a major sector of education Psychology is career counseling – Under this head, psychologists help the students to understand their capability and potential and guide them to build careers. Currently, this holds the most number of psychologists in the world.

Development Psychology: The development of a human from an infant to an oldie, they study the entire life span in detail. Though, it is prevalent in all the phases of life, Child Psychology has gained a lot of importance because of the diverse nature of a child. They analyze different thought processes and behavioral changes in an infant and deduce advanced techniques for enhanced growth of the child.

Forensic Psychology: Through its wide arms and outright capability Psychology has reached the legal and justice department as well. Forensic Psychologists are expected to understand the psyche of the criminal and assert the next possible step of them to help the officers solve the case. Also, with this rising pace of development we foresee forensic psychology to play a leading role in government decisions as well.

Research:  For an individual with passion to discover new facts on human behavior, there is no better arena than the research field of Psychology. Both quantitative and qualitative domain has ample opportunities for researchers and promises a comparatively higher sum of salary than any other field of psychology. However, to pursue research as your career, you will require a Ph.D. in Psychology.

These were the subsidiaries which you can seek after fulfilling basic education levels required for being a psychologist, which includes:

  •  Pass 10+2 from a recognized institute which provides psychology as one of the subject.
  •  Graduate with a degree in psychology (BA or BSc). It’s always advisable to check the curriculum of the college you choose, to make sure that they cater to the subject you wish to master in future.
  •  A post-graduate degree with a specialization in your interest area (MA or MSc) gives a lot of weightage to your CV and keeps you ahead amidst the crowd.
  •  Furthermore, if you aspire to excel, a Ph.D. is always a good pick.

Add on: For a psychologist, some additional diploma courses besides the prime education add to their value and works wonders in practical field. Like, a crash course of dream analysis or a certificate in graphology increases your chances of getting employed by number of times.

Winning Tip: Success of a proficient psychologist revolves around 3 P’s of psychology – Patience, Passion and perseverance, and none in this field would disagree to this. Most importantly, Confidentiality: Psychologists are expected to keep all the facts of their patients in strict cover, irrespective of the workplace. Also, psychologists with great communication skills are acknowledged greatly since they deal with patients having delicate mindset.

Salary: Psychology is a very diverse field and this diversity results to a wide variation in the pay scale too. In reference to the statistics available, Average pay of psychologist ranges from Rs 15,000 – Rs 35,000 per month. Needless to mention, that there are many factors that are taken into consideration while deciding on the pay – right from the department you have chosen to the your life span in this field, every single thing is calculated.

However, not always money is the only drive which pushes you, a genuine purpose to make world a better place is enough motivation! So until then help countless people and pledge to make the world free of mental illness!

(Article contributed by Surabhi Kedia)

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