Office Etiquette – Your way to success

Is Office Etiquette important?

Once you step in to your office, do give a pat on your shoulder as you have accomplished your first milestone of your career. Your success is not very far and you are just getting ready to reach there. We know it was not easy and we congratulate you for your sheer hard work and dedication. Your next step is to learn the workplace manners.

No matter how talented you are or how many degrees you have secured, the way you talk, behave and treat everyone will determine your success. Being decent, humble and polite would surely make you apple of everyone`s eye at the workplace.

But the moment you are in, you will not be considered as a student anymore, you are an employee now. You must have given examinations at your schools quarterly, half yearly or annually but here you will face your test each and every day. There will be countless eyes who would be evaluating you even for your slightest mistakes.

Learn How

Hey! Don’t worry and relax, because we have got your back! Here we are with the manual to ease your journey. The right etiquette at your work place will save you from all the hurdles which might come in your way. The following guidelines might help you winning the best employee award at your office:

Time awareness:

You can’t reach your office just at the right time! Better you turn up there 10 minutes before rather than 2 minutes late. This old school discipline has no substitute and if you follow it diligently, people would take your name as an example. But for any reason if you think you would get late, it needs to be informed with proper reasons along with an expected time (in most cases to the line manager & HR department)

Formals on weekdays:

Most companies prefer their employees to be in formals on weekdays but due to certain reasons if you cannot, that needs to be informed to the HR department as well. You need to be sincere with the dress code your organization follows and trust me you will look good too in front of your employers.


Do greet your co-workers with a warm and friendly smile every day. It does not matter if they are not from the same department. If you are aware of their birthdays do not miss wishing them. It’s always a good idea to have a human touch rather than sending your wishes via email. And guess what, they would start liking you.

Please & Thank you:

These are two magic words which can be used in all professional as well as personal surroundings. Please do not forget to use them when you get a chance to say Thank you 🙂

Say no to ‘smart’ Abbreviations & Acronyms:

It’s a absolutely no-no since it is not formal way of communication. For example ‘2moro’ instead of ‘tomorrow’; ‘TQ’ instead of ‘Thank you’; ‘Y’ instead of ‘why’ etc. These short forms might create confusions and may act as barrier to effective communication.

Phone calls:

I hope you do not want the world to know what is going on. If you happen to answer that call please make sure you do not disturb the whole floor and if it’s a personal call, make sure you answer it stepping out of the office premises. In case you happen to be in a meeting & there is a call which you cannot avoid, make sure you excuse yourself, step out before taking the call.

Knock Knock!:

Always knock before you step in. You can use an official Skype or an email to check if your colleague or supervisor is available to talk, don’t just step in. Every desk usually has a phone, use it wisely (but make sure you dial the correct extension no, Oops number! )

Job search while on Job:

That is a practice many do but it’s insulting and derogatory to where you are working. Try to refrain yourself from searching other jobs from your office desktop. If you were the boss, would you like your employees searching other jobs from your office? No, right!

Social Media notification on mute please!

It’s not a sin to check your social media at times but please make sure all your notifications are in mute while you are in a meeting, presentation or in a professional gathering. Just don’t open that facebook screen when your boss is around.

Keep your desk clean and organized:

Yes, it does impress your employer and other colleagues. Also it helps you to focus making you more productive at your work. There are offices where they award employees for their cleanliness and you could grab that!

No smoking/No alcohol:

You should never smoke nor consume hard drinks inside your office. You might get expelled if you are caught doing these activities. Work at the office and party outside!

Message etiquette:

Do not send personal message to your co-worker over office mail or whatsapp group. It can be easily tracked and can bring embarrassing situation to you unnecessarily.

Don’t invade personal zone:

Whether you are male or female, do not stay too close to anyone while working. Some distance should be maintained while interacting with your co-workers. At the time of birthday or other celebrations refrain yourselves from touching other people. Some might take it as inappropriate gesture and you may face a lawsuit. So better avoid it in all ways.

Be kind:

Kindness is the new cool and if you show kindness and lend your helping hand to others in their need, they would reciprocate the same when you face any trouble. The wheel of karma always returns you the favor in unexpected ways.

Express your learning attitude:

No one likes people who pretend they know it all, because we know that is not realistic. If you do not know something, don’t hesitate to ask your peers or supervisors. Keep on learning things and in short time, you will be mentoring others learning those skills.

Be professional:

We know it sounds quite cliche but the moment you start your work, you have to act professionally. Be tactful, understanding and mindful about situations that you come across. Be responding in your behaviour than reacting. You should not take anything personally at your work place. It would be also wise not to show your personal feelings.

We hope the insight we shared would help you on your way. Now on your very first day you can just step in the office with right confidence. We wish you all the best for your career and success. Don’t forget to share us how your first day went, we will be eagerly waiting to hear your story!

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