Make-up is not a mask, Make-up is art

Your favorite cousin is getting married – what is the first thing that pops in your mind? Now come on don’t hesitate, I know it’s all the good clothes and the yearning to turn all the heads at you when you walk through that door. But tell me this, what will your designer dresses do if you don’t have your party face on? It will all be in vain. But wait, we have a rescuer, who is a magician and has power to make anyone look beautiful – they are called ‘Make-up artists.’

A make-up artist is needed everywhere

The humungous rise in the entertainment industry has given the career of the make-up artists, a complete new edge. Now the opportunities don’t seem to end – right from the TV, to the big screens to parties or celebrations – the industry of make-up artistry has spread its branches everywhere.

Are you the one?

In a world of glitz and glamour, everyone is in need of that confidence which helps them take the first step – and beauty definitely gives you that. And if you are one of them to whom make-up was always an art and a human face, a canvas – this is what you need, a career in make-up artistry.

What do I have to study?

Hardwork, passion and dedication – that is ALL you are going to need! It requires no degrees, certificates or grades, just sheer talent and artistry.

Degrees give you the edge

The celebrity-feel of this industry is attracting massive number of crowd everyday, so it will be wise to consider a bachelor’s course from a reputed make-up school. There are a number of school and universities that train you in the cosmetic industry and make you able to transform people into a whole new being! They also provide diploma and certificate courses at different levels so just choose your speciality and go on with it!

But that isn’t all, to be a successful make-up artist you got to have some personality traits which hold so much importance that it might even overrule your education. You need to have a pleasing personality and extremely pleasing voice; your communication skills should be extraordinary to be able to pitch your make-up to the clients. And ofcourse, there is no replacement for the creativity that you should possess enormously – no one is going to hire you for the same mundane look.

Make-up artist or Cosmetologist?

A make-up artist is often called as a cosmetologist or a beautician – but they are totally different from their work point of view. A make-up artist specializes in using cosmetics to beautify a person’s face however hair and nail care is not in their study course. While for a cosmetologist, it is more into complex treatments of skin hair or nail and is just not limited to artificial make-up.

What do I have to do?

Someone said, ‘All women are pretty without makeup, but with the right makeup pretty can be powerful.’ – and we can’t agree more. A make-up artist puts all his passion to beautify a human face with its cosmetic tools – and you have to do it with a vision to empower someone with beauty and not to transform someone because he/she is not beautiful – because everyone, I repeat EVERYONE is Beautiful!

That twinkle is what you should yearn for

You will also be expected to understand all the skin tones and the demands and requirements of the clients to give them the utter satisfaction and the twinkle in their eyes when they see themselves. So before you begin, analyze the facial features and remember what you have to enhance and what you have to hide – afterall that is what all great make-up artists do.

What about the job opportunities and career prospects?

The entire world is your showroom – after all who will not want to look beautiful? Theatres, TV, Entertainment, Parlours, salons and spas, Bridal studios, modeling agencies, production houses and so on – you can look for a job everywhere. You have to keep all the criteria of the client in mind while you transform a person into a whole new character. We all remember the make-up of Amitabh Bachchan in PAA and let’s just accept, what a transformation it was! So understand the need of the moment and then perform your skills.

Entrepreneur or Free-lancing?

You can also work as an entrepreneur where you can run a make-up studio of your own or can crack projects with actors, models, actresses and all other big celebrities who need make-up every day! Both will need innate talent – while having your own studio will demand a lot of investment, a project with the well-known actors will call for years of experience!

Pro Tip: Start working! With whatever you got, and whatever you have, just start. Lend your free skills in your college fests, or some small family functions and let the world see your creation. This is how you are going to get more customers and also develop on your skills. Another bit of advice is that – create a Facebook page of your own and upload the pictures of your beauty-skills. This is going to fetch you a lot of customers and will also help them build their trust into you.

How much will I be paid?

The salary of a make-up artist has huge variations for a lot of factors – clientele, the type of make-up, experience, skills and so many other things. Some days, you can get extra for that extra lining while on the other days one missing line can lead to a loss of the entire pay. So you have to be extremely crucial and serious with your job.

The figures

Anyway, to quote you a figure I will tell you that a fresher will earn somewhere between RS 500 – 1500 a day. While it will totally depend on your policies too – you might charge per face or charge for the entire project. With some experience you will soon found yourself earning RS 5000 – 10000 a day. In US dollars, average median salary of a make-up artist per hours is nearly $17.58 per hour. For the celebrity make-up artists it will be a total unjust to quote their figure, you and me can’t even imagine their pay per day!

And it’s again time when I have to say you a good bye, but before that let me tell to everyone out their loud and clear ‘YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.’

And until the next time we meet, keep transforming the spirit of beauty from your art of make-up to an eternal Artpiece!

See you soon with another unconventional career option which has not been uncovered as yet.

(Article contributed by Surabhi Kedia)

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