Let’s Crack it! – 10 Tips to help you win the interview

So, you have finally steered the interview call for your most desirable job. Congratulations! Celebrate but don’t be overjoyed as the real combat begins now.

Irrespective of the number of interviews you have been to or the number of years you have been in the industry, you always need to pump yourself before the final bell rings. Interviews are all about selling yourself and your skills while you answer those tricky questions tactfully. It might sound basic at the moment, but it is really nerve- wracking when you are the sufferer yourself!

But, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are some of the tips that might help you prove that you are worth the company’s investments:

1. Do Your Homework: You just can’t afford to be blank when the interviewer asks ‘What do you know about the Company?’ Make sure you study the ‘About Us’ section of the Company’s Magazine/Website thoroughly. Not to forget going through your CV properly since many questions can be asked from this document itself.

2. Eye-Contact is important: It will leave you in total amazement when you learn about what wonders can an eye-contact do! To have consistent looking-in- the-eye of the interviewer will deliver your message of confidence. Do not confuse it with a stare though, as it can make the interviewer uncomfortable.

3. Listen more and speak less: Don’t ever interrupt when the interviewer is speaking, that would immediately throw you off the interviewer’s hiring list. Listen to every word precisely. If you missed onto something, ask before you answer. The ability to answer more in fewer words is what every interviewer plunges for.

4. Calmness is the key: Often the heat of the interview room gets on your nerves and some of the most deserving candidates fail to crack the interview. So, Calmness plays a vital role in interviews. Nervousness reflects on your body language and so does calmness. A calm and friendly face may help the interviewer to understand that you aren’t afraid of them.

5. Sit upright: Your posture in the interview room will say a lot about you, so make sure it is just what it should be. Neither lean too much, nor have a laid-back posture. Try to sit straight and have a head to head conversation with the interviewer. Never shake your legs as it clearly resembles that you are too nervous and wants to leave the room in no time. And most importantly, as its always said a smile can help you win wars’ while this is just another interview.

6. Ask Questions: In most of the interviews, interviewers’ usually ask ‘Any Questions?’ towards the end of the session. The intention behind this is not to answer but to judge your interest and alertness. So, the next time they ask you this, never say a ‘No.’ You can ask few questions on the work behavior of the organization or your detailed job role to find out if this is the right place for you.

7. Dress Properly: The first thing the interviewer notices when you enter is your appearance, and it has a lot to do with your attire and the way you carry yourself. For males, properly ironed full sleeves shirt with a pair of Trousers is decent. However, organizations have different work culture and with it variant dress codes. A comparatively relaxed work culture might also welcome T-shirt and Jeans. Thus, it is always wise to call and confirm the dress code of the institution. For females, make sure your make-up is not too loud for the interview and your hair is properly tied so that it doesn’t distract you.

8. Express Yourself: Keep your answers precise but make sure you express yourself accurately so that the message that you want to deliver to the interviewers is interpreted properly. A suggestion to assure this is to keep moving hands while you answer like we do in daily life. This shows your enthusiasm in the session and also releases tension.

9. Keep a Check on your Attitude: Don’t ever try to cross the thin line between Confidence and over-confidence. If the interviewer gets any clue that you are being cocky about your skills, you are immediately eliminated from his archive of probable candidates. Maintain a proper balance between self-confidence and modesty.

10. Reach Early: Arriving late on the day of your interview would be the last thing you would want to do. Try and visit the location, once before. So, that you exactly know where you have to go on the D-day. Assemble all the documents and keep minimum 3 copies of your CV the night before, to avoid any hustle in the morning.

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While these are some advises that can help you calm your nerves before you enter through those doors, it entirely depends on you how to interpret and implement them. Until the next time, we wish you all the best and hope that you nail all those interviews and tell us your success stories soon!

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