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Caricaturist, who brings smile in your face

Do you remember those animated videos that the news channels play from time to time? All of us laugh at how relevantly humorous it can be. And of course the over-exaggerated caricature versions of all the politicians in them. Aren’t they so funny that you kind of relate the targeted politician and can’t help but laugh uncontrollably? Well, how many of you thought that it would be such a fun job to be a creator of those?

So here it isCaricature Artist!

A caricature artist simply put is a mix of art and humor who playfully exploit subject matter with a motive to make it funny. So if you have a thing for art with an aim to make people laugh – I don’t think there can be a better career choice than this.

But how and where to begin from. I know you are already excited but hold on, keep reading. I will answer all these questions one after another.

Educational Qualifications and other requirements

Keep one thing in mind, no one can teach you art and there is no school in the whole world which can limit your art. There are number of caricaturists who have been legends without any formal education.

An added advantage

However, to begin you can always consider an art school. Because they brush up your skills and make your ready to hit the studios. Your best bet might be a degree in drawing or illustration. A graphic design degree can also be an added advantage since it can help you to prepare your illustrations on a digital medium.

Your choice

However you can always choose the time, and finance you want to invest in the art school. It might be a month long certificate course or 4 year long degree course. It doesn’t matter as long as you ace it! Afterall, 2 years down the line when you are the most talked about caricaturist in town, no one is going to ask ‘What degree do you hold to be where you are today!’ (That doesn’t mean the education of Art school can at all be underplayed.)

Who is a caricaturist? What does he do?

You won’t be entirely wrong if you call a caricaturist a cartoonist. Apart from the fact that a caricaturist applies its creative skills on living people. They usually, first look at the person who intends to get a caricature version of themselves, or the one who they intend to make one for – notice and observe their abnormal or somewhat-unique features, and then create something funny out of it.

For example, Amir Khan, the Bollywood star who is also famous for his long and unusual ears (especially after the movie, PK!) – the caricature version of him might be something like a person whose ears are even bigger than his entire face! (HAha, I am sorry, just the imagination had me laughing!) So now you know what influence a caricaturist can create.

Create and recreate

Usually, most of the caricaturists create a number of rough sketches before the final one. So it’s alright if you do it too, that doesn’t say you are bad at it – it just says you are an artist in making! Also, if the final product is required in pencil, they cover it with some fixative to ensure no-smudge. You can also consider scanning your work, to keep a track and provide samples whenever needed demanded by any of the publishers or websites.

After knowing all of this, I know there is one question that must be constantly running in your head.. and that is:

Where will you find work?

Remember, you are an artist. You can carve your niche. But, if you still want me to list a few places where a caricaturist is in demand. Here are a few:

  • A newspaper, news channel or a political group
  • Fantasy or theme park
  • Magazine company or Publisher
  • Private business enterprise
  • Party or event planners
  • Independent contractors

All of them just require one thing, to hilariously exaggerate a living being or a thing on the paper. Your experience, skills and education plays a major role to determine your place in the future. So make sure you have all the determinants at the right places.

You would not become a caricaturist in an overnight. It might take longer than usual for some and for the other it might just come naturally. But don’t give up, keep sketching the drafts because passion is one thing that artists can’t do without.

Let me give you a few tips and advises that will accompany you in your path of becoming a Caricaturist:
  • Learn Drawing and Portrait Art: If you are not at the level of joining an art school and have decided to become a Caricature artist already, enroll in the nearby drawing classes and learn the basics of portrait art as a side course. The word Caricature ideally stands for “loaded portrait.” So anything that polishes your drawing skills would be an add on.
  • Develop your communication skills: To be a successful caricature artist, you need to have a good sense of anatomy to be able to pick a distinguished feature which works out to be relevant positive. Also, being a caricaturist you should have some extraordinary writing skills because a lot of employers prefer titles explaining the kind of play you have done to the portrait. So to work on these, keep yourself updated with the works of the best caricaturists and start working on your communication skills.
  • Keep Practicing and carve your own niche: The key to be the best is keep Practicing, until the client is satisfied and all his needs are served. With time, you will find your own niche and formula and what people love about you.

An outlook to kick-start professionally

If you aim to work for magazines or newspapers, you can begin with sending them a few of your work samples, similarly if you are aiming to work for advertising company, you can think of mailing your work to advertising directors or local ad agencies.


However, if self-publishing is your ultimate goal – then the online world is your God. Create a website of your own, create your presence on all the social media platforms possible – Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube and everything else with huge customer base. You can also publish your work on some famous cartoon sites, for example GoComics or Illustration Friday.

Portfolio is very important

Keep updating your portfolio with time. This will keep the world updated about your constant improvement over the years. In art schools, they have specific guidelines to help you build your portfolio. Because for an artist a portfolio is more precious than a CV. After certain amount of time, the employers will only ask for your portfolio because all they want is good work with abundant creativity.

So finally we have arrived to the most crucial aspect of every career:

Salary and Remuneration of Caricaturist

For most of the art professions, it is difficult to predict a particular salary range similar to as caricaturists. It is mostly because of its highly dependency on the factors like – experience, skill and expertise.

In US Dollars

However, if I still have to quote a number, let me tell you what the data says (Bureau of Labor Statistics): Illustrators made an average salary of $57,2019 in 2017 while amateur cartoonists were able to draw around $30,000 in that same year.

In Indian Rupee

In India, a cartoonist who has just begun working, can expect somewhere between Rs 20,000 – Rs 30,000 a month. The remuneration also depends on the policies of the organization and many other factors which you will realize when you place your firsts step in the actual water.


Now when we have reached until the end of the article, I want to tell you all one thing, don’t lose the passion for anything, because only that will sail your boat until the very end.

I will soon come back with another unconventional career opportunity, but until then keep Drawing and over-exaggerating and making people laugh!

Sp, All the best, Caricaturists.

(Keep me updated with your contact details in the comment section below, and I would be the first one to get done my caricature version. I am already imagining how hilarious would that be Haaha!)

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