How to Become a Cyber Security Expert

A brief idea for the future Cyber security expert

Nowadays, securing your information, data, saved into your phone, computer systems or into any other devices which are connected to the Internet are the most important thing to be handled carefully. But, hey!!! there is nothing to worry about. The Well trained cyber security experts are here to save us, appointed by reputed Cyber Security and IT companies.

If you have interest and passion for Data Science, Computer Science, and have experience in IT this can be a good professional option for you where you can live your passion while working and learning. There are banks, Govt sectors, IT educational institutions offering jobs for Cyber Security professionals. 

What is Cyber Security all about?

The concept of Cyber Security can be defined as the security system crafted and practiced to restrain the networks, devices, programs, information from any kind of unauthorized access or attacks in one word. The protection may have been defined in two ways, one is Cybersecurity and another physical security that too intending with the Cyber facilitation.

The aim is to protect and prevent cyberattacks, breaches of data, hacking of confidential organizational information. Suppose, you have, data, codes that are to be secured by any means ensuring the confidentiality of your information, and you are protecting through implementing cybersecurity measurement by any agency or by any cyber security expert’s interventions.

Different types of arrays cover the vast sphere of cybersecurity, encompassing the user end protection, and defending the loss or theft of data, virtual assets of any organization, individual. 

Just have a brief look into those elements;

·        Application security

·        Information security

·        Network security

·        Disaster recovery/business continuity planning

·        Operational security

·        User End Edification

·        Data Security

·        Identity Management

·        Database and Infrastructure Management

·        Cloud Security

·        Mobile Security

The National Cyber Security Alliance, suggests the organizations to plan the Cyber Security measurements before any Cyberattack happens. Adding to this, let’s see what actually, all the organizations should identify the areas beforehand to do this kind of job, like; 

  • Locate the organization’s “Crown Jewels”, that means identifying the most valuable asset in terms of data, the information those are the most valuable things for the company or individual. 
  • Searching for the threats that can cause cyber attacks
  • Prior to identifying the results that could be happened by any attacks, loss of data and/or harmful act for company goodwill. 
  • PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SOX, FISMA this kind of process for data/financial transaction or more should be highly considered. 

In the context of “Cyber Pearl Harbor”, Marcus Sachs, vice president of national security policy at Verizon Communications, who coordinates cyber issues with federal, state, and local governments, said…‟ A Pearl Harbor is usually painted as an unexpected attack, where the airplanes come in at dawn. Cyberspace is a little different. We’re constantly being attacked, we’re constantly being penetrated. So, many would say that our cyber Pearl Harbor moment is actually in our past. We just don’t recognize it.” This is so significant in today’s context also.

Types of Cyber Security threats

Combining sound cybersecurity measures with an educated and security-minded employee base provides the best defense against cyber criminals attempting to gain access to your company’s sensitive data. Now, you must be thinking of the types of Cyber Security threats. Briefly, you can find that, as the enormity of ever-evolving technology trends continually growing, and the nature of cybersecurity threats and risks simultaneously.

·        Ransomware

·        Malware

·        SocialEngineering

·        Phishing

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, US also has published its updated framework version 1.1 in April 2018 for continuous monitoring and real-time assessment towards risk. Govt. of India also amended the norms in 2017.

Qualification & Training in Cyber Security

As we discussed earlier, the interest and passion for IT and coding is the main key to achieve a place in the Cyber Security field. Besides that, a typical institutional training and education are needed to jump into this ocean, as you need to know how to swim before going for any water diving sports.

Any graduate with Computer Science and IT background can apply for Cyber Security Expert Jobs. Adding feathers into your hat, there are some certification courses out there you can be trained with to achieve Cyber Security Courses, and to get hired by the desired workplace;

·        CompTIA Network+

·        CompTIA Security+

·        CEH

·        CISSP

·        LPT

·        CISCO

·        Microsoft

Skills to be a Cyber Security Expert

·        Power to Risk Analysis and Mitigation

·        Strong IT skills including hardware, software, and network

·        Meticulous attention to details

·        Logical and analytical mind

·        Recognize the nerve of the hackers and rapid growth

·        Seeking the vulnerability in IT infrastructure

Industry Calling – When the Industry approaches

According to the recent Cyber Security Job market scenario, it is quite comprehensible with the emerging possibilities of demand for the role of Cyber Security Experts at an alarming rate. It has found that there are 1 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide. And, with the revolutionary growth of the virtual platform since 2015-16 in India, the picture is clear for the role. “India’s cybersecurity market for products and services will grow up to $35 billion in 10 years from the present $4.5 billion.

However, the security concerns of the growth are also high, “ said Gulshan Rai. Adviser to PM. According to Nasscom, Data Security Council of India & PwC Report the cybersecurity market has been projected to be $35 billion by 2025. A million jobs created and a 1,000 start-ups in place. (Source: M. SomaSekhar, October’18, Business Line).

Promising industries at a glance;

·        Government Sector

·        Banks

·        Airlines

·        Educational Institution

·        Database oriented org

·        Consultancy firms related to security

What to perform – The Job Role

  • Developing and implementing an inter-organizational security program
  • Identify the company’s assets (Information, Data, Digital files) and take proactive measures to protect them
  • Planning, analyzing, designing, testing, maintaining, and supporting sensitive organizational infrastructure.
  • Building and maintaining Firewalls
  • Defending attacks, intrusions, and when it is being observed the attack closing off the security vulnerability.

Cyber Security jobs pay

As of July 2019, the average annual pay for a Cyber Security professional lies in the US is $107,172 a year, whereas the range between $60,000 (25%) to $107000 (75%).

In India, it is measured as, $7135.38 to $12,879.20 per year, (Rs. 5Lacs to 10lacs ).

Well, it was a brief idea about this whole concept of cyber security and its processes. Actually a bit. Now, it’s your turn to explore the vast prospects as Cyber Security Expert. Hope this effort helped you understand the possibilities of cyber security and its vast job market and the perfect option for your career choice.

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