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The word itself leaves a gleaming impact on most of the young faces. How exciting it sounds, when you have an opportunity to turn such an exciting realm into a career option? Well, yes, with the massive growth of the event management industry, institutes have opened doors for event management study which is undoubtedly creative yet adventurous.

Certificates don’t certify you

Though the success of event management doesn’t rest on only certifications or degrees, it definitely provides you the path to achieving big in your journey. Many institutes have provided degrees as well as certifications in event Management study with different specializations like weddings, corporate and similar others. We have covered a separate article for wedding planner in our blog, you can go through if weddings are your interest area. There are no eligibility or age criteria to be a successful event manager, neither do you need to qualify entrance exams or sit for nerve-wracking interviews. How you work and manage events would determine your success.

Future of Event Management

An event management study in 2019 shows that potential of this industry in spite of our current economic condition. There is a project job growth of 12.6% by 2023. (Source: LMIP. Conference and Event Organisers)

event management future projection

There could be a number of occasions which fall under the jurisdiction of event management. We have however tried to point out a few as follows:

  1. Weddings
  2. Birthday parties
  3. Talent hunt and reality shows
  4. Fashion and cultural shows
  5. Educational event
  6. Charity and fundraising 
  7. Sports meets
  8. Press conferences
  9. Religious functions
  10. Corporate events
  11. Conferences
  12. Product launch
  13. Theme parties
  14. Trade shows
  15. Trade fair
  16. Wedding anniversaries

Importance of event management in today’s world

We also need to understand why event management is important. Otherwise, it does not make any sense as to why one should go for it. To know why to keep reading:

  • You are a part of the celebration – Letting a professional handle your event lets you escape from the hassles and stress of coordination and you can enjoy being a part of the celebration and fun and create beautiful memories. 
  • Value for money – As a client, it helps you to sit back and relax or maybe you can concentrate on other aspects of our business as all the responsibilities of the event are on the shoulder of the event management company. You can rest assured that all the minute details will be taken care as that is the day to day job of such event management professionals.
  • Proper planning and execution – As an event management firm handles events every now and then, they are more equipped with the challenges that might come up while hosting an occasion and so they will have more alternatives ready to fix it, where you being an amateur may find it difficult.
  • Saves a lot of time – These days, the time has become more valuable than money. Given a choice people would prefer to go for a smarter choice to accomplish a task rather than spending one’s time and energy first, learning about it, then planning it and lastly executing it and you need not miss out on the post-execution responses.
  • A feel-good factor – whatever amount of effort one puts in people can always find out the difference between an unprofessional work and a professional delivery. This also helps you gain social status in return.
  • Budgeting – one more important factor is the management of funds. An event management firm will have a close look budget and allocating work or accumulating resources accordingly. This means you are also relieved from the unnecessary stress of fund management.

Mantra for success

We shall now pin down a few event management requirements in terms of skill sets that are vital to outshine in this field.

  • ‘Out-of-the-box thinking’ – The success mantra for event managers is varied on many factors, with ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ topping the list. Gone are those days when weddings were simple, and every family member contributed. Event managers have not only turned the world of weddings upside-down but have also made their presence count in Fashion shows, Product Launches, Concerts, Festivities and every other reason to celebrate.
  • People management skill – One should be excellent in handling people because at the end of day your job is centered in and around them. You need to understand that you cannot do everything single-handedly you need to depend upon your team members to work for you. Understanding their psychic is a crucial part of your job.
  • Good communicator – Communication is a must-have skill to excel in any sphere of life.  It’s very crucial in event management too. A proper flow of it would determine the success of your event.
  • Fantastic listener – One should be able to understand what the other person is trying to say as at times they might not be explicit enough. At times you may become too excited in presenting your plans and ideas without understanding what the other person is looking for. Be careful, as this is not expected out of you being in the event industry.
  • Quick in adaptability – One ought to be supple in their thought process as you might come across different circumstances more often than expected, where executing as per the plan would be difficult. So, having this trait is much called for.
  • Attention to details – As an organizer, you cannot effort to miss out in any aspect of the event, not taking off the bigger things but of the minutest details which is most likely to be missed out. 
  • Problem-solving attitude – if you are scared of problems and issues, think again before choosing this event management career. As you should always be ready with an alternative in case plan A does not work well.
  • Stay calm – This attribute is counted as a blessing in this industry where you tend to lose your cool like so many things would be going on at the same time and you being the only point of contact for any query or concern. 

Just like any other profession, event management also requires equal sincerity and enthusiasm. Furthermore, an eye for the minute details and good networking ability skills will work wonders in this field. The most challenging job of an event manager is to cope with the rapidly changing situations and making the most out of every alteration. These are the event management skill if nurtured well can definitely help you to go far.

Last but not least, your passion is the key to success.

A guide to follow while planning an event

Event management job description:

This begins with:

  • Understanding the event management requirements and details of an event
  • Taking notes of client’s requirement and demands
  • Brainstorming and implementing event plans and concepts.
  • Handling budgeting and invoicing.
  • Liaising and negotiating with vendors.
  • Handling logistics.
  • Managing branding and communication.
  • To handle post-event duties.
  • Gather feedback.

The need in every sphere

The huge range of the events – Bollywood award functions to Low budgeted Kitty Party – has given rise to countless opportunities for start-ups in this field. Also, the booming showbiz day-by-day has resulted in the favor of the aspiring entrepreneurs in event management.

Event management roles and responsibilities

Whereas, if you plan to start on your own, then the event management roles and responsibilities would be a huge one, as you need to have different departments to take care of different activities like:

  1. Production Manager
  2. Site Manager
  3. Event Assistant
  4. Finance Assistant
  5. Marketing Manager
  6. Media Manager
  7. Program Coordinator
  8. Production Designer
  9. Participant Liaising department
  10. Stage Administration
  11. Security
  12. Medical and First Aid
  13. Catering and cookery
  14. Technicians for light and sound
  15. Event Administrator
  16. Fundraising and sponsorship 
  17. Volunteers

It is not just glitz & glamour

A successful event is not a result of an overnight study; it is a product of months of brainstorming, extensive planning, creative conceptualization, crucial budgeting and a lot of hard work. Training in the vocation of event management study makes all of it a lot easier, not that the struggle won’t be there but the knowledge will help you solve all the riddles effectively and efficiently.

Event management studies

The promising institutes which offer courses in event management include the study of public relations, budgeting, risk management, the study of glamour distinctiveness and celebrity management. The additive advantage of the study which makes the learning all the more beneficial is the practical – exposure imparted by them. Some star institutes also follow ‘work while you learn’ agenda and provides the students the prospect to work with big event management companies.

Event management course details

In general, an event management course includes topics like

  • Public relations 
  • Hospitality management
  • Catering and food service
  • Budgeting and finance management
  • Marketing and Media
  • Handling meetings and planning events and likewise

What is the scope in Event Management?

The scope in the field of event management has been increasing ever since its emergence which has made this industry one of the fastest-growing industries in India with an annual turnover of ₨ 4258 Cr. From freelancing to proprietorship, this industry has covered all the aspects victoriously. This thriving industry has not only inspired the youth but also the homemakers to step in and contribute to its flourishment. With the vigorous growth of 15% a year, the future of event management is expected to touch the skies with myriad opportunities for housing careers.

Employment opportunities

Unlike any other industry, an entrepreneur in event management can start its business with anything and everything, which means even with a low budget, it has yielded fair results. However, as it is said ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without hard work’ – stands tall, here as well. With the potential to become 1.2lack Cr. worth of Market in the coming years, this is just the beginning for all future event managers as entrepreneurs.

Pro Tip: To create a strong brand name, don’t forget to utilize the unmatched power of social media tools. Create your page on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, increase your visibility and target your prospective customers. For further details of how to utilize the social marketing tools check our article ‘Social Media Marketing’ where we have covered this topic as a whole.

Entrepreneurship is definitely the best, but job requirements for trained Event managers are no less. Big Event management companies are suffering because of the lack of professional event managers and hence look for a passionate and dedicated apprentice. Thus aspirants can find jobs in different genres of the event management and can select whichever works best for them.

What will the pay package be like?

The major decider of your salary in events is Experience, the more you work on events the more you learn and hence the more you will be able to earn. As a fresher, you can expect its pay-cheque of somewhere nearly Rs 10,000 – Rs 15000 a month.  Whereas depending on your experience, creativity and branding you can earn around $ 60,000 to 80,000 $ annually. 

While if you decide to freelance, you can earn more working in different institutions at the same time. (There are a lot more career options where you can choose to freelance, check our article ‘ Part Time Jobs’ to know more about them.) And of course, entrepreneurship can fetch you lacks and crores and the whole sky too! We can say that in event management career salary can never to a constraint. 

The next big thing

With the increasing number of people settling upon this as a career option, the world of event management is constantly evolving itself and is expected to be the next big thing in the coming days with the development of technology and other factors.

Event management study will help you prepare for this challenging and dynamic career option that you may explore in the future. The sky is the limit when it comes to such a creative and demanding choice. We are sure that this will ignite the passion in you to achieve more. So by the time it becomes the next big thing, you party and earn and again the party and earn more! See you soon with another article with another unconventional career choice. All the best!


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