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The generation of Application Developer

In today’s generation where you are carrying the entire world in your palms in the disguise of a smartphone – an application has become the most important needs for the businesses. Every one, right from the service industry to a corporate organization is resorting to personalized mobile applications. That’s where your role as application developer comes to create that perfect App. 

There are just so many reasons why the trend of ‘Apps’ is developing so fast. No, not a trend let me call this whole damn generation. Organizations are developing apps not only for the customers or clients but also for the employees and workers – and you know the main reason behind it? – Feasibility. Yes, it’s always easier to just finger touch your smart phone than to open your laptop and visit the website. In a few minutes you are aware of all the important updates you were looking for.  

A day without the ‘Apps’?

How many of you will visit the amazon website and then buy the product had there not been an application? Or how difficult life would be if there was no Uber app? Forget the really famous ones, these days even the local companies are running for app developers. Because the next thing that clients ask once they have been really been established, is ‘can we find you on play store or apple store’?

So if you are planning to take on this challenge, I must say you are on a really really benefiting place – as we only see you being sought more and more everyday! So let’s begin, app developers –

Educational Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering is your path to reach an ‘app developer.’ There are a lot of institutes which provide additional courses in application development and my suggestion is to invest in one of these too. It will give you a detailed knowledge about all the programming and computer languages.

The curriculum 

In your subject course you will find all kinds of programming languages or the language which computer understands like Java, C, C++, HTML and so many others. Also just like you need a paper to write the language on, here you will need an operating system (OS) on which you will perform the programming with the necessary language codes such as Android, iOS, or Windows. So this basically divides your work in two sectors: (because windows is being use very narrowly these days.)

  • Android Developers: We all know, Google is the father of Android and Google play store is inbuilt on most of the phones, tablets that work on android – Samsung, Mi, Motorola, Sony etc. So if you plan on becoming an android App developer, the app you developed will be found in the Google play store. The benefit here is its wide area of applicability and easy availability of codes.
  • iOS Developers: iOS or simply iphone Operating system – The codes to crack into the apple store is totally different than android and will require a complete different type of training. So if iOS interests you more, inquire about it’s before you enroll for any education programmes.

Life of an Application Developer

Developing an app isn’t just about codes and techniques, it definitely is the major part but the minor and the most important part is the creative side of the app developers which deals with the needs of the clients and creates the workspace accordingly. 

Your work day would include meetings with clients where you have to critically analyze all their needs and requirements only to come back to office and transform it into an application. Well the development will have stages which you will know better after all you will be a graduate by then! You will also be called to create the upgrades, which in your language is called patches.

The work doesn’t end here, you will also be expected to ideate and ensure the all-round solution for any ‘App’ needs. It might include running a few tests to ensure the quality, or test the development or fixing the bugs. Your companions will be Analysts, Project managers, Software engineers and your co-workers of course.

Why at all should I choose App Development?

 Well there are a lot of reasons. Let me tell them to you one by one:

First, the job outlook. I no more have to tell you how much more you will be needed in the future and how much more the demand is going to rise. With the entire world crashing to the 5 inch screens, soon every business irrespective of operation or scale will need an app. A study shows that by 2020, as many as 300,000 new roles will be created for app developers. So start today, because you have to reach there before so many others!

Second, is that ‘work-anywhere-work-everywhere’ environment. As an app developer you have so many choices of workplace. You can either find a job, or just work from home or even freelance. All you will need is your computer and your unbeatable skills. That’s it!

Third, and the most important one is the competitive salaries that the organizations are willing to pay if your work is good. So In US Dollar, with the necessary qualifications and experience you can earn anywhere between $89,000 and $125,000 annually. It goes without saying how your skill set and work background will play a major role in deciding your salary.

 In India, at present there over 300 million smartphones. It is expected to reach 5.5 billion by 2022. And of course with the rise of mobile-phone users is positively related to your job growth. So you can already imagine the rise in your salary in the coming years. The average salary in India is somewhat RS 486,187 per year which is decent to give you good lifestyle. (In fact, I will say really good!)

Start your journey!

I hope that was enough motivation. Because now I have to say goodbye but before that – the nascent app-developers since later you will be too busy, how about you tell me your contact details now itself and we can together think of developing an app for Careerhi5 too. (*winks*) (I hope you got the little shameless hidden message of how I am asking you to lend your skills without having to pay so much, HAHA!)

So until the next time we meet, keep blending desires with technology to transform everything to applications!

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