Communication is an art – Some tips to help you ace that speech!

Right Communication is the route to success

If we observe successful people across the world, we would find at least one common thread connecting them, i.e. they all speak well. Yes, your speech can make you or break you. The image of a person is defined by how well they can communicate with others.

Communication has become an integral part of any job in modern times. Imagine, if you have got great knowledge and skills but you are not able to express them properly, how would it be like? You can end up making a fool of yourself amidst the crowd of thousands.

All Industry experts have agreed on the importance of communication and its application. Most of the well-paid jobs require great communications skills apart from your that hard-earned degree or those years of experience.

Don’t worry, Communication isn’t rocket science. I know the nervousness sometimes ticks you off, but it’s not just you – All of us were nervous when we first gave our big speech or talked in public.

We have figured some tips which can help us all be better in this eccentric art of communication. Let me tell them to you one by one:

Breathe: Take a long breath, my friend. You’ve got it covered. We know how difficult it is when you communicate with a stranger or give a speech in front of a full auditorium, but panicking would not be of any help, rather it would pull you down. Take a deep breath, be relaxed and start your awesome speech.

Confidence matters: Confidence is the root of any communication. It has the power to change the virtual facts to real ones, provided you speak with unbreakable determination. No matter what you speak, how you speak would leave an everlasting impression on people. Be confident, no matter what you speak!

Program your mind: Feed your subconscious with positive and powerful stories. It will give a boost when you communicate with people. The optimism, energy, and hope would flow through your words. You would uplift others, just by talking.

Listen, listen, & listen: Communication is the right balance between listening and speaking. To speak, you have to listen. It shows respect and your interest in the conversation. Listen through every cell of your body and people will fall in love with your speech.

Maintain Eye-contact: Eyes connect us when we speak to each other. Lack of eye contact shows disrespect, lack of focus and low self-esteem. As the saying goes, ‘Your eyes speak what your words couldn’t.’

Interesting facts: To make your presence felt, start the conversation – but to be different, you have to talk differently. Analyze the crowd, the occasion and talk about something that diverts half of the crowd to you. This will take a lot of research and dedication but it will all be worth it!

Books, the river of knowledge: It might sound old school but there is no substitute for reading books. It’s like exercising your mind with words, stories, and ideas which would help you to become a great communicator for sure. It has manifold benefits and you could experience all of them only if you could hold a book and read it for some time, every day. As the saying goes today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

Watch Documentaries: Watching movies are fine but watching documentaries feeds your mind with innumerable facts and real-life stories. It is a good source of knowledge with less time investment. You will also get to understand how people narrate stories and make it worth the watch.

Talk to strangers: Make it a habit of talking to strangers often. This will help you come out from your comfort zone. Do it often, and you would witness the magic yourself.

Wait for the right time: Don’t jump into any conversation inappropriately. You will get a chance to talk. Be patient. Even if you talk at last, it’s fine!

Don`t use too many fillers: Fillers are fine but too many “uh-uh”, “Hmmm”, “you know” would make the conversation dull. Use more words rather than these fillers. As much as it helps you to keep the conversation going, it can be a great pull-off from your such-a-great-speech! So be a critique and use them wisely.  

Don`t get into argument: Always, remember – Talking and arguing are two different things. You don’t need to argue to prove your point. Don’t heat up any conversation unless it’s a debate. And coming over to proving your point, your confidence will do that for you!

Talk to people from all walks of life: Never, ever discriminate people – be it on anything – caste, race, social status or professions while you speak. They are all your audience and you are a speaker to all of them equally. They might have different opinions to your speech but the more varied comments you have on your conversation, the more you are going to learn.

Don’t offend anyone: Be sensitive when you talk, you cannot afford to offend the sentiments of people. Avoid talking about really sensitive matters unless it is absolutely necessary.

Natural Flow is always better: Go with the flow of your thoughts, and express them as gracefully as they appear in your mind. A written script of whatever you will speak might ruin the natural flow of communication.

Know what’s happening around: Keep yourself updated with all the current happenings and the recent talk of the town (It’s going to help you a lot in a conversation). It shows how well-informed you are when you communicate. Read newspapers or watch News channels and keep news apps on your phone! Do whatever but you can’t be under informed when you visit your boss.

Don’t repeat the same stuff: We all do it at times, but it would be wise not to repeat the same stuff over and over again, as it makes the conversation quite monotonous.

Be brief: Talk precise and clear. Lingering on unnecessary details would make your audience impatient and frustrated.

Record your speech: It’s a great exercise to record small audio or video on how you are speaking. You can just spend 2 minutes every day contemplating a topic and recording it. Over a period of time, you can see your improvement and how your confidence has boosted since Day 1.

Hey, hey wait. I am not done yet. These were the points what books said or experience said, you have to take notes from your heart too. A conversation is the best when it’s right from the heart.

And when it is from the heart, nothing else matters.

So until the next time we meet go blow some minds-off from your ever great talking skills! We at Careerhi5 will be waiting eagerly to hear your amazing stories, drop them in the comments and we promise to reply! See you soon readers.

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