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Chiropractor massaging the patient.

Chiropractor Career Know-How

Every day we wake up to the news talking about the long-term harmful impacts of allopathic medicine. And of course, the catastrophic antibiotics that it brings along with it. On one hand, when all of us feel disgusted about it, a handful feels helpless. Helpless of not being able to save the world from the life-threatening and irreversible effects of Allopathic medicine. However, we are all aware of homeopathy as a substitute and life-saver. And, by the side Ayurveda which has also been gaining impeccable popularity lately. But how many of us know about Chiropractic treatment or Chiropractor career?

Treatment, free of side effects

Well, Chiropractic treatment is one form of alternative medicine that you should know about. It was founded by DD Palmer in 1895. Finally after a century later, it is gaining popularity due to the changes in modern medicine.

If you wish to enter the world of science or medicine, looking to help out people. But, also stand against the system of the generic medical sciences like Allopathy – Chiropractic treatment is something worth knowing and learning.

In Fact, Chiropractic treatment is already very popular and well established in Australia and the US. However, in other parts of the world, it is still growing. This is a golden opportunity for you to beat the overpopulated career paths and sail above them all.

I am sure you must now be wondering what exactly a Chiropractor does or rather,

What is chiropractor meaning?

In very simple terms, a chiropractor is a doctor that performs the chiropractic form of medicine. Their main focus is to work on the mechanical problems of the body which in general are a part of the spinal system. Considering how their work is mostly on bones and body joints, it is also linked to the field of Osteopathy. Hence, if you are also interested in the bone and nervous system of the body, this is something you would want to look into.

Chiropractic Benefits

Chiropractor pain management

Many people are using Chiropractor to treat the pain in various muscles and joints. Through research, it has been found that this treatment is quite effective in headaches and neck pain as well. So in the future, we may see a huge demand for practitioners comforting pains of millions in safe ways.

So what does a chiropractor do as a healthcare professional?

  1. Practice without using medicines or surgery.
  2. Mostly focus on back and neck pain.
  3. They use of manual therapy method
  4. They aren’t medical doctors due to their differences with regard to ideas and facts of science.
  5. Sometimes work with another health care provider for overall therapy of a patient.

Now that you know how a chiropractor functions with their day to day activities, the next learning curve,

Chiropractor Therapy

This is what the Job of a chiropractor entails during the long run. So, read ahead to understand the whole system of Chiropractic work –

  • You start with Diagnosis via various methods like – Skeletal imaging, neurological assessment, manual bone assessment, and tactile assessments. This works at par with the no surgery and no medicine policy of chiropractic treatment.
  • Then you use the process of Spinal adjustment via mostly a dynamic thrust method to increase joint mobility.
  • Moreover, you work with your hands and techniques to stimulate, massage or adjust joints without any damage or additional medicine.
  • You will be using procedures like Diversifies technique, activator technique, Thompson technique, and Gonstead. Don’t worry, you would learn about them by taking due courses.
  • All round treatment also would involve working in Physical fitness, nutrition system, and self-care advice.

Now that you know how things work, one confusion that every second individual has about Chiropractic studies is that how is it different from Physiotherapy?

Chiropractor V/s Physiotherapist

It is better to clear that doubt right now so that you can choose the right career and the right education for yourself. Both forms might feel similar and common in their areas of work. Which makes it difficult to understand which direction do you want to go. But, don’t worry. We’ve got a list of you below so ensure that you have clarity before making a final choice –

  • Chiropractors just use their hands for any sort of manipulation. On the other hand, Physiotherapists use mobilization techniques like electrical therapy and exercises on machines.
  • Both have the same end goal, increasing mobility and joint stability but use different methods to achieve it.
  • Chiropractors are more personal with their approach as physiotherapists rely on machines most of the time for treatment. This also makes chiropractors less costly than Physiotherapists.
  • Chiropractors work mostly on back, neck and forehead pain while Physiotherapists cover serious long term diseases like arthritis, stress injury or a sports injury.
  • Chiropractors are known to be more of a specialized professional, restricted to a certain type of body issues and pain. However, physiotherapists are more general and cover more sectors with their treatments.
  • Overtime and research, the risks involved with physiotherapy are known to be lesser than that involved with chiropractic treatment.
  • Chiropractors are usually called less skilled as compared to Physiotherapists as they don’t know various additional concepts like acupressure or functional training.
  • Like said, chiropractors tend to work in coalition with other healthcare providers for all-around care. But, due to the broad nature of physical therapy, physiotherapists work alone.
Chiropractor Vs Physiotherapist

Now that everything is said and done, and I hope all confusion is out of the way, you do need to get the right education before getting into Chiropractor career. Considering how it is still not very popular worldwide, it might be difficult for you to know exactly how to go about it. Hence, we made a checklist for you to go through and work accordingly to establish yourself as a successful Chiropractor once done.

A Chiropractor Career Path

  • You have to join a pre-med or science-based course in college to procure a required science degree before making further applications for a specialized Chiropractic course.
  • Try to find a college which has tie-ups with Chiropractic institutes for your college degree. So that you can easily move there after the completion of your course.
  • Don’t worry much if you can’t find such colleges, focus on getting a pre-med degree at the start and research about chiropractic schools along the way.
  • Also, you should take electives like Business courses, physical fitness, nutrition along with main courses in physics, biology, and chemistry in college to help your application to chiropractic courses.
  • Then, after completing college, attend a chiropractic school for a four-year course to gain a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine.
  • After attaining the degree, you then need to work on giving the national board exam and procuring state licensing for practice along with additional certifications.
  • If the above plan doesn’t work well with you due to reasons like finance or time constraints, you can also look at an Integrated 5-year degree to attain a Masters in Chiropractic studies. Moreover, there are one-year Diploma courses in Chiropractic treatments (DCT) as well if you don’t want to join a school for 4 long years.
  • Diploma and integrated programs are also less gruesome than a DC (Doctorate of Chiropractic) Degree. Yet, many associations prefer a DC degree when it comes to licensing or practice. So you need to look at where you are practicing and the mandatory educational requirements of that country for practice before deciding on your path of education.

Also, to start researching and understanding where you want to go better,

Chiropractor Career Courses

  1. Holy angels college of alternative medicine, Mumbai, India
  2. Institute of Alternative medicine and research, Kolkata, India
  3. New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls, New York
  4. Texas Chiropractic College, Pasadena, Texas


In case all of this isn’t enough to motivate you to enter the world of Chiropractic medicine, here’s something more –

According to the Bureau of Labour statistics, Chiropractors make around a median yearly salary of 67520 US dollars. However, if you are starting and are at the bottom of the stratum, the lowest 10 percent do make 33000 US dollars.

In India its new thing, but you can still expect 3 to 4 Lakhs per year. You can also ear on an hourly basis. The session you could charge around 500 Rupees(approx) per hour. (Source)

Although, with this profession, a little marketing, good word of mouth and honest work can increase your pay in a really short period of time. In fact, low supply and high demand also make this job very high paying. So, the salary is good and satisfies the good pay criteria.

A quick wrap up

So the process is very simple. First, figure out where you want to be 5 years down the line and procure the education that would help you achieve that. Pretty much like every other field of career.

Now since we have reached the end of this medicinal career choice (the most difficult part), it’s time that I must leave only to come back with another unconventional career choice.

Until then, keep saving the world from the harmful effects of allopathic treatments.

And please drop in your contact numbers, future Chiropractors. Because I am coming to you on days when my body refuses to listen to me. All the best for your Chiropractor career!

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