Career in Zumba – Turning dance into a business model

Career in Zumba training

Start your awe-inspiring career in Zumba

If you are an absolute fitness freak & dance is your passion, why not combine the two and choose to build your career in Zumba training. It’s becoming popular day by day throughout the world and you can help people getting in shape too. And guess what, you get your pay as you dance and making people dance having a really great time. Exciting, isn’t it?

It’s a cool workout ever that you can experience. A great form of losing those extra fats without even realizing the effort you put. Zumba music has a groove to it. It is mainly inspired by Latin beat like Salsa, Cumbia, Rumba, Flamenco but in recent days the beats are even influenced by regional music like Bollywood, Bhangra and even Belly dancing.

Let’s dive into the history of Zumba

Zumba, also defined as a fitness exercise program or “happy accident” was founded by Alberto Beto, a Colombian dancer, and a choreographer during 1990s. The instructor one day realized that he forgot to take his music tape for his aerobics class. To manage the situation, he went to his car and fetched his Latin music tape to use in the class for that day. And guess what? Everybody just loved it. That was the first unofficial Zumba class and got its name “happy accident”.

Zumba VS Gym

You could get confused while deciding which one to choose since both are the biggest workout options available and claims to solve our purpose of joining a fitness center.

Let us help you out with a quick checklist to help you decide

  1. Amusing vs Routine workout
  2. Group Activity vs Solitary
  3. Rapid vs Long term results
  4. Fixed time for classes Vs Arrive at any time facility. (most of the gym are open throughout the day, that’s not the case in Zumba classes)

Zumba dance benefit:

Though its a form of exercise along with cool dance moves, its benefits are numerous to count. Once you start your career in Zumba, you and your participants may avail some of these benefits for sure. But like other exercises here also your participants need to be consistent in attending the training sessions.

Physiological Benefits:

  • A great way of losing weight.
  • Helps improve heart health
  • Boosts good cholesterol
  • Targets areas like Core, Arms, Legs, Glutes, Back, 

Psychological Benefits:

  • Helps in De-stressing
  • Boosts happy hormone
  • Improves mental health

Hence, Zumba could be considered as an alternative to our traditional fitness program. And you will be changing the world to lead a better life by training people, one at a time. We hope that brings a smile on your face and you can’t wait to start your career in Zumba.

How to become a Zumba Instructor?

Before you make up your mind, you need to have thorough knowledge about this field. Let’s learn how you can start your career gradually.

Visit nearby Zumba classes: This will give you an idea and an understanding of how the entire thing works.

Group Exercise Certification: It will empower you with the expertise required to deliver group exercise sessions to be a diversity of age group & fitness levels. 

Zumba Trainer Course: As it is a trademarked exercise program you need to have a license from Zumba Fitness LLC. 

Choose your class: There are around 10 types of classes based on the age & exertion level

  • Zumba Gold
  • Zumba Step
  • Zumba Toning
  • Aqua Zumba
  • Zumba in the Circuit
  • Zumba Kids
  • Zumba Gold – Toning
  • Zumba Sentao
  • Strong by Zumba
  • Zumbini

Place for Zumba Class: You have plenty of option to choose from like Gym, fitness studio, resorts, cruise, etc.

Getting legalities checked is a must: Please be ensured that you have all the necessary documentation for the class which includes attendance register, waver form, Insurance. If you wish to resell Zumba merchandise, having a reseller license is a must.

Zumba membership

ZIN™ Members (Zumba Instructor Network Members): Zumba Trainers can choose to become a ZIM Member to get monthly music and training DVDs which will assist their choreography to become more engaging for their personal Zumba class. Zumba has been evolving including different styles of choreography and music since its inception. So, getting a membership would definitely help you become up to date about its practices and learning more.

Zumba Trainer Salary

Well! Now comes the most rewarding part. On an average Zumba trainer`s salary in the USA would be around $48,750 per year or approx. $25 per hour. At entry-level, you can make around $28,441 per year whereas an experienced trainer can make up to $82,875 a year

In India, you can expect around 10,000 to 20,000 Rupees a month in the beginning but it can go higher as you gain more popularity and participants.

Private Zumba Classes

You can start your private Zumba classes and that can help you to reach more people. You can take classes at your home, or going to apartments or clubs. Also, you can give one to one classes if someone is too shy attending classes and dancing in front of everyone. This is how you can earn more money making people dance. For this, you must promote your classes and brand. You may take the help of social media to start with your marketing.

Hope we could give you a glimpse of this exciting career in Zumba. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. Till then keep yourself fit and make the world dance for a healthy tomorrow.

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