Career in VFX, The new beginning unveiled

A career in VFX enables you to create magic on screen.

I know you are an Avengers fan. You waited dying, to watch the first-day first show of End Game. And I know you laughed, indulged, mesmerized watching it on screen and loved. You also cried when the end came. You behaved the same when you first saw Jurassic Park as a younger one. Actually, it was the start. Then the list went on, Avatar, Terminator, The Matrix, Inception, Interstellar. You get curious about how this visual magic being created on screen. Yes, VFX is the Magic, you are already in. On our try this time, we are onto unveiling the secrets of career in VFX.

We need to know first, the definition of VFX

VFX stands for Visual Effects, which needs an immediate connection of the technicalities and artistry that creates the image sequence into real, like characterizing aliens, animals, imaginary setups and more, that could be seen in the movies and apparently looks like real. In simple words, when a story needs an unrealistic sequence or setup to be created it comes to VFX to simplify the need. A group of people, called VFX Artists make this easy and possible by using their skills and artistry on post-production of the movie, enrooting steps of a complete VFX storyboarding. 

Types Of VFX

Match-Moving Artists: He, who transforms the graphics created on computer software into live-action and matches through 3D animation. Match Moving Artist ensures those live-action footages created through 3D, presented perfectly matching with the scene so that, the viewers could believe all the characters and settings are really part of the original scene. 

Compositors: In this process, the artist combines elements from different sources into one image platform which subsequently presents one single idea of the whole subject which the image represents. Combining layers through 2D animation, special effects, graphics that’s how the process places.

Matt Painter: It’s a process where the artists paint a landscape, location or set usually to create the location of the set, which is in reality not present. 

Modelling Artist: Modelling artists create or prepare 3D assets based on general objects to imaginary creatures related to the story. 

Roto Artists: Animations is being used by a roto artist to shape the mask of an object or actor. 

Future of VFX industry in India

If we look into the current prospects of career in VFX, animation industry it’s emerging with its large probability with 16.4 % according to KPMG, in India which will reach a size of 60 billion INR. Although most of the revenue comes from overseas projects but we can take proudly the name of “Bahubali” the film where most of the part has been made with VFX and the business has made by the film is history. 

This is estimated that the growth of the VFX industry is to grow at CAGR of 17.2 % over 2021, INR 131.7 billion. State governments like Maharastra, Karnataka encourages to allocate land to set up centers for Animation learning and research and include the art into curriculum respectively. Hyderabad, willing to establish incubation centers for VFX, Animation and Digital Art. 

How much you will make from your art and hard work

You can expect about 10K per month at the start of your career in VFX. With an experience of 2 to 3 years, the pay scale may rise up to 25K per month. As your imagination rises with the experience your salary may range anywhere between 60K to 70K per month in the future. You may expect 75K to 80K per month once you make it as big as creative head or assistant director. 

Other than this freelance is also a choice to work independently in this field. A monthly outcome of 45k to 60k and above one can easily achieve once you start delivering quality work.

Job Prospects in VFX Industry

The vast scope of VFX industry offers plenty of positions as VFX artists into various fields. After doing the courses you can choose your job according to your preference, VFX and animation learnings give you that independence. Following are some fields that require the VFX artists the most, 

How to learn VFX, the process

If you have imagination, and creative skills you are one step ahead to learn VFX and you are ready to be the VFX Artist. As all the software that allows you to live with your dreams are all industry and commercially focused ones. You have to choose a good school or institution where VFX, Animation or Multimedia are being taught. You have to go through attentive research on web and inquiry. Some of the schools are, MAAC, Big Animation Institute, Animaster and many more. You can start your course after 12th or it can be said if you have passion for artistry and powerful imagining please take the path. The world is yours. 

Now, awaken the VFX artist in you and start imagining what the world hasn’t been thought of yet for. A career in VFX has the full potential to live your dream at the same time living your passion. Making your passion into your profession is the most graceful opportunity one can have. Learn VFX, be VFX artist and shape your imagination into reality.   

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