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Corporate Trainer Profile

You are a corporate trainer? What exactly do you do? Do you get paid for that? Like just a stipend or a real earning? – If you are already a corporate trainer, I assume you’ve heard this a lot of times already. And if you are aspiring to be one, be ready to plunge into these comments at every next step, only to throw it back right away with your glowing success.

Why are they needed?

Now go ten years back from now, do you find any such thing as corporate training then? I bet you won’t because until then the corporates were not aware why were they loosing on the productivity of their such loyal and experienced employees! And then corporate trainers appeared, conducted some sessions and the employees started to outshine themselves – Does this sound like magic?

They conduct programmes or seminar to equip the existing or the newly hired employees with the industry norms, workplace etiquettes, customer service and everything else that they will need in their lifetime of a particular organization. In a world where every employer looks for an ‘industry-ready’ aspirant, corporate trainers are the guardian angels! (And I am not saying it for the sake of saying it, I genuinely mean it!)

So let’s begin answering all the questions which you will soon be answering too. 

Corporate Trainer Job Description

A corporate trainer to an employee is what a sharpener is to a new pencil – it sharpens, puts it through difficult situations but at the end makes it able, able to write. Confused? Alright, Let us take a detailed look of their responsibilities:

  • Personality assessment: You will be guiding the workers with everything they should or shouldn’t do. But how are you going to do is if you don’t know about them? – which is why, Assessment. Usually corporate trainers carry out interviews, surveys or observation and use the result for better training purposes.
  • Curriculum Design: Corporate training doesn’t come with a syllabus. It is highly personal and will vary from every organization and every department. It might just be general communication lecture or can be a highly specialized training program. So it will be you who will outline the syllabus for your participants so that it works for their best.
  • Training Operation: You will teach them, skills, methods and techniques instead of facts and figures. So your training approach can’t be like every other teacher. You need to be really creative in your training methods and do it with utmost care and candor. You will be the source who will blend the employee’s personal goal and the organization’s ultimate goal to one, both for the organizations’ and employees betterment!

How to train?

At most times, you will be given a fixed time span to train a particular set of people in a special tool or skill or technology. You can use various methodologies in your sessions – right from group discussions to presentations to field trips. You have to pick the one that makes your students’ say once in their lifetime, ‘I could do this because of you.’

Degree or No-Degree

A Bachelor’s degree in corporate training is found very very rare. But if you have already been clear to enter into the training sector a few options like Human development, Human resources, Administration and anything which is related to people and their personality in general is going to help you.

Corporate Trainer Certification

There are many certification programs which can help you escalate your career. The duration may range from a week to a few months. There are seminars held as well throughout the country where you could get more knowledge and exposure for this evolving profession.

Corporate Trainer Skills

A corporate trainer has to be excellent in communication and presentation. Because of its nature to be in direct contact with people for long hours. Let me tell you a few attributes or skills which you can develop to help you become a better corporate trainer –

  • Confidence: I am sure in a room full of professionals, you would not want to enter with shaking legs. Remember, you are going to coach some really educated people from different streams so you can’t be low at confidence by any chance.
  • Communication Skills: I don’t think this even needs an explanation further. Your communication and presentation skills should be far beyond ordinary, if it is about training and development. It will be your only asset as well as a support, throughout.

Pro Tip: Learn a foreign language or more. It will help you train people belonging to different backgrounds. Also coaching in their native language will imbibe more trust of the employees in your lectures.

  • Creative: Like I mentioned earlier, you cannot be monotonous with your training ideologies, you cannot afford to bore your students resulting in just literally ‘no-learning’ at all. So, you have to push yourself out of the bars and adapt attractive and innovative approach.
  • Analytical skills: You will be surrounded with people of different genres with different personalities. It won’t be easy to find answer to all their questions until your analytical skills are extraordinary!

Corporate training is not taught in the four walls of the colleges. It is what you learn along the way. So it doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of college or have an experience of five years – you can always be a fabulous corporate trainer, just keep that zeal of learning alive.

Corporate trainer Jobs

In corporate training there are number of job opportunities which you can discover. The most popular ones are:

1. Many corporate houses employ an in-house corporate trainer. This basically happens in large scale organizations or MNC’s where every year a considerable number of employees are hired and promoted. So they are needed to introduce them to the industry norms and prep them for all the upcoming challenges.

2. Everyday, technology is developing and organizations need people to train their people in a specialized skill or tool. They are called Specialized Subject Area trainer. They train in everything right from time management to a particular computer language like Java, C, C++ etc.

3. Executive Coach, overall helps the clients to develop their personality which ultimately guides them to take right decisions in life leading to the company’s prosperity in the end!

Your need is not industry specific, because you make people industry specific. Thus, you can look for jobs everywhere – Finance, Information technology, healthcare, hospitality and the list goes on. It is mostly on project basis, but you can also find a permanent job if you have the right credentials.  

And ultimately we have come to the most important question.

Career Path

At the initial level, you can’t just expect to walk straight into the organization and start training. You can kick-start your career by working as an assistant trainer or entry-level employee. You can also look for jobs in specialist training firms or corporate training firms or simply be an independent-consultant or a freelancer. But my advice is to not choose the later until you have a few years of experience.

Corporate Trainer Salary

Corporate trainers are in huge demand because of its diverse professional services. Corporates don’t mind paying you more if they see the difference in their employees.

In India, you can expect a yearly income of Rs 4.5 lakhs to Rs 7 lakhs if you have been permanently employed. While freelancers or independent consultants are paid anywhere between Rs 2500 – Rs 8000 a day. It entirely depends of the duration and of course the subject matter as well.

In US , one can earn around 45000 USD yearly on an average. It grows further with relevant experience. Quoting about the expert professionals would be an injustice just so the amount is entirely uncertain and relatively really big!

I hope that was enough to motivate you to become a trainer if you have ever thought about it. So while I bid adieu to this article of such a galvanizing career choice, keep training and educating people. Believe me it will be a great feeling when they come back and tell you their success stories and how you have been a great part of their journey. Just wait to hear that!

See you soon with yet another unconventional career choice.

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