A guide on ‘How to self publish your own book?’

Self Publish your dream

A writer is a person who can give you the feels of altogether another world with his words. After all none of us can deny, ‘A pen is more powerful than a sword.’ If you wish to feel something, read the right book and I am sure you would exactly know how it is to feel something without actually experiencing it.

Good writers often touch lives

A writer just doesn’t put his sweat and blood he puts his whole soul to imbibe life into a story. Each and every word of a writer is chosen with sheer prudence and adherence with a vision to ensure gratification in the readers.

But today, the writers are valued so less that the stats say that only 1 out of 250 writers can crack a deal with the publishers. The hard work of all the remaining 249 writers goes in vain keeping us from the being the witness of so many beautiful experiences.

So today, you and I together are going to find how you can publish a book of your own. And if you are a writer who has felt the dejection, don’t worry, we got you just be patient and read on –

What is self publishing?

After the evolution of internet and e-books, the next best thing that the world wide network came up with was the different platforms. It offer you the interface to publish your own book at minimum costs. It is mostly in the form of e-books unless you want to print them.

I know it’s overwhelming and we can’t help but thank the technology for what it has gifted the writers and the readers. Let’s go through some of the top-notch benefits why self-publishing is the resort to the amateur writers:

  • Your book is your book: Yes, the entire ownership of the book just belongs to you, you don’t have to share it with anyone. The traditional publishing violated your rights on your own book so if you hated that, self-publishing is what you are looking for.
  • You decide the selling price: You will be the sole caller of all the decisions, right from the selling price of your book to how much profit you want to make – it is all going to be all yours.
  • Start from the minimum: If you think that you don’t want to go for the bigger plunge you can start with just few print copies initially. Remember the times when the traditional publishing houses called for 2000 copies! It’s such a relief to that massive stress-mountain.  
  • Edit and re-edit: In the old times, once the book is printed, editing was almost impossible until the next set of copies is ordered. But self-publishing gives you the leisure to edit at any point of time and the readers are going to receive the latest version.
  • A lot faster and affordable: Self-publishing is at least 5x times affordable than the traditional printing and the process is very fast since you do it yourself, it’s your pace with which the book comes to life.

These are just the few of hundreds of benefits that partners with self-publishing. I know by now you must be thinking, ‘Wow, this is awesome. But how do I do it?’ So let me tell you a basic guide on how to launch your dream:

Your way to self publish your book

1. Find your motive and start writing: There are no degrees in the world that can make you a good writer. However, there is no hindrance either than can make you a bad one. So first, just pick up your pen and pour your heart out, in a way that your readers feel with you, in a way that the readers interpret the message you have been aspiring to send all this time. And see how the future unfolds at your feet.

2. Choose the right platform and the right distributor: There are so many platforms all across the internet that offer the services of self-publishing. Amazon Kindle is one of the most promising which has name its self-publishing facility as Kindle direct Publishing program or KDP Program.

Some of the others are Barnes and Noble (through Nook press), Apple (through itunes connect) and so many others. And if you are thinking about actually printing the book, amazon has a different platform for that too: It’s called Createspace.

Sit down with a pen and paper, research about all these platforms – note down its pros and cons and then decide which one to take on board. Don’t hurry or you might end up no where.

3. Submit your manuscript: Submit your manuscript in whichever form the platform demands, it might be on Microsoft word or on pdf format, it completely depends on the policies of the organizations.

There might be also some other specifications like constructing metadata, caption, cover and everything else. Do it with extreme care, it will be your bread and butter after all.

Pro tip: If you budget is a little high, consider designing your book cover from a professional graphic designer. It will give your book a great push and will be better placed in front of the readers.

4. Promote it at all platforms: The major duty that hangs on your head that follows with self-publishing is Promotion. You have to self-promote your books by all means. So don’t leave any stone unturned – use all social media platforms, launch some contests, joke around with readers and indulge into conversation on social platforms.

A valuable review of a professional critic or a blogger on a blog which has 500 views a day will be a massive headstand. So hunt in your contact list if you know of any such influential people. It’s time you ask for some favours!

Special Tip: What is an ISBN?

If you are already a writer you will know the importance ISBN or International Standard Book Number records. It basically contains authors name, book name, pricing, topic, format other related information for publishing.

You will not need any of these ISBN number till the time you follow e-books. But the day your decide to publish a printed copy. You have to first apply and collect an ISBN number which is going to cost you. The pricing will differ from country to country.

Be patient and realistic, writers. You won’t be the next JK Rowling overnight, in fact the historical Harry Potter series also got rejected 12 times when at last a publisher agreed to print her book. So thank your stars that you are in an era where self-publishing is giving you the opportunity to craft your vision and show it to the world.

You will slowly and steadily climb up the ladder and after that there will be no looking back. So taking a leave here on, I wish you all the best.

And until the next time we meet, keep writing books, and creating monumental experiences. And don’t forget to send me a link in the comment section, I will be waiting.

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