Waste management career – Making the world beautiful

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Waste management – The cleaner future, the better future

Everyone, and when I say everyone I also include the people who like their work-desk untidy; like neat surroundings. You would not want to see a heap of garbage on the street, or on the sidewalk outside your home.

You may think, man this doesn’t affect me. I throw my waste away properly outside and by the time I return there, the waste is gone. How does this affect me? But remember, there is someone who took it away. Someone who gets his hands dirty (figuratively and/or literally) to make sure that your neighborhood is neat and clean.

Why is waste management important? See, a pile of garbage or human waste is something that we all produce in some way or the other. No matter how eco-friendly you are, you end up producing some form of human waste or the other.

And all of this affects the environment. Waste has odor, it invites unhealthy animals and germs, it spreads diseases and in all honesty, you hate it being near you.

Waste management Opportunities

The whole idea of waste management is a structured one. In any waste management system, there are working layers, one being answerable to the other. And the hierarchy is what turns the wheel and gets the job done.

We all produce some amount of waste daily. And we live in families so add all the individual waste. Don’t forget that you might be living in a building, so include that too. By the time you reach your locality, you can imagine that the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of is huge. And a single person cannot do it. The way we manage waste disposal, ensures the survival of mankind.


The lowest in the hierarchy, these are the people who collect your waste. This is the job aspect where, in a country like India, you won’t be paid well but you’ll have to do the dirty work. It is the kind of work that involves you being physically involved with other people’s waste.

The Waste Navigators

This is the next level in the chain. These are the people who take the collected and assembled waste from each locality to the designated place where it will either be recycled or dumped. This includes the waste truck drivers and other workers who help out in moving the waste to the right spot identified for them.

Waste Management Officer

This is the highest rank. A waste management officer is one who overlooks it all. A waste management officer has to allocate the right places and procedures to take care of the increasing amount and versatility of waste with the right scientific technique so as to keep a balance between the waste produced and the waste is taken care of properly. This involves a good grip on science and the classification of the types of waste.

Waste Management Manager

Okay, I know I said that the waste management officer was the topmost in the food chain, but there is always a need for a management system to get all of these people working in synergy. That’s the role of a Waste Management Manager, to manage the process and assure its proper flow. At times they need to work hand in hand with A Disaster Manager.

Waste Consultation

With the environmental laws in place, offices and factories need to keep a track of their waste. If failing to comply with it, heavy fines are imposed on the firms. So the best way is to hire someone with expertise in the field who guides them through to make their efficient and one that produces less waste. So a Waste Management Officer can also do some consultation work.

Customer Service

There are full-fledged firms that provide with Waste Management needs. Such offices require people at the desk for customer needs and services.  


This job requires you to move your arms and feet a lot, picking up waste, carrying it for short distances and the rest. One must have physical fitness to do the laborious job at hand.

For the next position, you may need to drive trucks or small load carrying vehicle. So a proper Driver’s Licence is important before you apply to fill such a position.

To be a waste management officer, your employer may prefer a degree in waste management. Others include a degree in Biological or Biochemical Sciences, Chemical or Physical sciences, earth sciences and environmental science. Same goes for the consultation work or if you desire to be a full-time consultant (yes, that is possible).

For a job in the management, you would require a management degree and some experience in the field to lead and take up new projects and expand old ones.


Since a job in waste management ranges within so many job profiles, so does the pay.

In the US

In the US, a waste collector or a driver earn somewhere around $40,000 per year. The pay is based on an hourly basis. The hourly pay ranges from $15.52 to $26.69 an hour. The mean average hourly pay is $16.55.

A Waste Management worker working as an officer makes around $59,572 yearly. A supervisor makes $47,309 yearly.

A customer support staff makes $15 an hour. And within the customer help department, you get an annual salary ranging between $30,301 – $50,494.

In the end, a job in waste management seems appropriate as not everyone makes a 6 figure salary (for the peeps in the US). Not just that, with a job like this, you are actually helping everyone by making the earth a cleaner and more habitable a place.

Waste Management workers are the real heroes who are working in the direction to let our future generations live a life that they can be proud of. And once you do so much good it leaves you feeling content and satisfied with your job.

Until the next time we meet, I would like to bid adieu with massive respect to all those who keep our environment clean.

Thank you for keeping us clean and healthy!

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